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   Chapter 386 You Are Not My Daughter-in-law

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The three servants packed up their luggage and left Walter's family's house. Although the servants hated Shelly, they didn't dare to say anything.

After all, Shelly was pregnant with the flesh and blood of the family, and Lucy was the hostess of the family. If she wanted to dote on Shelly, no one dared to have any objection.

Under the care of Lucy, Shelly had a full breakfast. Although her mother's food was delicious, she couldn't eat Abalone Porridge every morning in a high-end apartment.

But here, Lucy had promised her that she would cook Abalone Porridge for her every morning, and various delicious dishes at night.

The more Shelly thought about it, the more she liked it. After all, it was a big villa, which was much larger than the high-end apartment Walter gave her.

Shelly knew that Molly didn't want to live with her parents in law all the time. In order to sow discord between them, she said in confusion, "Mom, I really can't understand why your daughter-in-law doesn't want to move in and live with you. The house was so beautiful. If I were you, I would like to live here every day. "

Hearing this, Walter's father who came downstairs for dinner snorted and then retorted, "Now you are loved by my family because you are pregnant. Everyone treats you as a little ancestor and doesn't want you to do any work. But if you are not pregnant, you have to serve your parents in law and cook three meals a day here every day. Can you still smile after a long time? "

He hated Shelly from the bottom of his heart. He knew Shelly was so scheming and liked to sow dissension between them.

But his wife liked to be flattered.

Lucy glared at him and threatened, "After all, she is pregnant with your grandson. Can you be nicer to her? Do you have to be so domineering? "

Walter's father retorted, "When did you become so kind and gentle? I learned it from you! You have always been domineering to others, but now you say I am domineering? "

He glanced at Shelly and sat down in front of her.


some famous clothes for Shelly. Since she was pregnant with the child of her family, Lucy would buy anything for her as long as she was happy.

Shelly was overjoyed, but Lucy didn't forget Molly, who was still in the hospital.

The mistress had been stabilized. What she needed to do next was to do well in Molly's mind.

Lucy had decided to go there in person.

She asked the kitchen maid to cook something that Molly liked. Thinking that it was for her, Shelly thanked her again and again. "Mom, I'm not hungry after breakfast. I won't have lunch."

Lucy looked at her and smiled awkwardly. "I know. It's not for you. It's for Molly. I'll go to the hospital to see her later."

"What? Oh, I see. "

Shelly knew that although she was very favored, Molly was the daughter-in-law of the family. If she could make Walter divorce with Molly, she would really succeed.

Without Molly, Walter would definitely choose her.

The dinner for Molly was ready. Lucy went upstairs to change her clothes. She had planned to go with Walter's father, but she found him after looking around.

She wondered where the old man had gone. Lucy had to call Walter and ask him to come home.

On the one hand, he came to see Shelly; on the other hand, Lucy wanted to see Molly with Walter. Then the three of them discussed the matter about Shelly together.

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