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   Chapter 385 Not Even A Concubine

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Hearing this, Lucy got angry. "Who dares to look down upon my grandson? If anyone dares to look down upon the baby in your belly, I will fire her directly. "

Seeing Walter's mother's attitude, Shelly was more confident.

Even if Walter's father didn't like her, Lucy was still in charge of the family.

"Well, I'm moved by your protection. I know my baby has never been blessed since it was born. They will definitely say that I am the mistress and who will like the child born by the mistress? But I'm really glad that you love him. "

Shelly launched an attack again. Her mouth was much sweeter than Molly's. There were many ways to make Lucy happy.

But Lucy still felt uneasy. She had to take her to the hospital to see if this woman was pregnant or not.

She took her hand and said patiently, "We'll go to the hospital to have a check-up for you. You should know that you can't have breakfast because you need to draw blood to test your liver. I asked the cook to cook your favorite Abalone Porridge for you. After we finish the prenatal checkups in the hospital, you can eat whatever you want. Can you put up with it now? "

It felt good to be coaxed like this. Shelly felt like she was a little emperor.

She nodded with a smile. "It's my pleasure. Let's go now."

Lucy helped her get in the car and asked the driver to drive to a private hospital.

This private hospital was the best maternity hospital in the city. Lucy had spent a lot of money to make an appointment with her friends.

She accompanied Shelly to do a series of examinations, and finally took her to do a four-dimensional color ultrasound. The expert told Lucy affirmatively that Shelly was indeed pregnant and the baby in her belly was indeed a boy.

Lucy hugged Shelly excitedly and thanked her, "Thank you, my child. You did a good job."

A boy! It was really a boy. This family was finally going to have a big grandson.

It took Lucy a long time to calm herself down. Then she was worried about the health condition of Shelly.

"Doctor, is there anyt

ng the villa, Lucy asked Shelly to have dinner in a restaurant.

Then she gathered all the servants to the dining room.

Lucy fed Shelly porridge in person and said in a soft voice, "Shelly, who were talking about you in front of you this morning?"

Squinting at the servants in front of her, Shelly was going to live in the villa from now on.

She had to build prestige and make these servants respect her and fear her.

So she pointed at the three people standing in the back seat and said, "Mom, It's them. They said I'm not Miss Molly, but a mistress. In ancient times, I was just a concubine, but in modern times, I'm not even a concubine. What can I do even if the baby in my belly is a boy?"

Unexpectedly, the three servants' faces changed dramatically when they heard that in front of Lucy.

Lucy pounded the table and shouted, "Can you also talk about Shelly? Don't you know that she is pregnant now? She is carrying our baby! You three pack up your luggage and get out of here right now. From now on, if anyone dares to talk about Shelly and the baby in her belly again, they will end up like that. Do you understand? "

The servants nodded and said, "Yes, I understand."

Shelly was delighted to see them bowing to her.

Even if she couldn't be the hostess of that house, she could still enjoy being the hostess here for a period of time!

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