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   Chapter 383 Do You Want To See The World

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Greyson suddenly didn't want to give up like this. It was him who guarded Molly, but why could he only watch her return to Walter's side in the end?

So this time, he wanted to confirm Molly's attitude.

"Molly Do you really decide to divorce? Do you make up your mind this time? Whether your mother-in-law will kneel down and beg for mercy for you or not, no matter how Walter pesters you, you won't change your mind? "

Greyson was just worried that Molly would be softhearted and that she would regret.

Molly shook her head and said firmly, "I won't divorce such a man? Should I keep him to celebrate the new year? I'm not rubbish. Why should I live with a man like rubbish? Since he likes Shelly so much, I'll fulfill the two of them. Now it seems that the two of them are well matched. "

A bad man and a bad woman were indeed a perfect match.

Greyson smiled lightly, but he couldn't restrain his excitement. He knew he was right.

How could a smart and excellent woman like Molly tolerate Walter hurting her again and again? She had insisted on maintaining her marriage just because she was not reconciled and did not want to take things too hard.

Greyson smiled faintly. Since Molly had made her attitude clear, he had made up his mind.

He would follow her wherever she was. He would confess his love to Molly when the time was ripe.

The reason why he didn't confess his love to her now was that Molly hadn't gone through the divorce procedure with Walter. He didn't want to interfere with her, nor did he want to add any psychological burden to her.

Second, Molly and Walter's marriage was broken up, and she would never accept another love immediately. Greyson knew that he had to give Molly enough time.

Molly looked downstairs through the glass. There was a small garden behind the hospital. She wanted to go out for a walk, so she asked Greyson tentatively, "Do you mind taking me out for a walk?"

Following Molly's sight, Greyson looked down. He didn't expect the garden to be beautiful. It was a good choice to take her out for a walk at this time.

So he put the snacks and dri


Greyson patted her on the shoulder, feeling sorry for her.

A bold idea suddenly flashed through his mind.

"Do you want to see the world?"

"What?" Molly didn't respond at all.

"Do you want to see the world? Go to different countries? "

It was just a simple proposal, but Molly's heart was boiling with excitement. She suddenly nodded, "Of course I do. But I can't do it now. "

She had to divorce Walter, manage the company well, and actively carry out rehabilitation treatment. The most important thing for her now was to cure her disease.

"Come on. Take the treatment. When you get better, I'll take you to travel around the world. There are many places you haven't heard of, but you'll fall in love with them as long as you go there once."

What Greyson said was so beautiful that Molly yearned for it. At that time, he would take her and Amy with him. They would travel together. Thinking of this, she felt very excited.

The more he told, the more Molly realized how wonderful and precious life was.

There were too many people she didn't want to leave and too many things she wanted to do, so she had to live well.

Even if her husband betrayed her, even if she had to give up everything to divorce that man, she had a reason and meaning to live on.

From now on, she had to live for herself and her daughter, not for the so-called family to sacrifice and bully herself!

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