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   Chapter 382 Thank You For Giving Me The Courage

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Molly probably guessed that it was a phone call from Gerry. She said in a very embarrassed tone, "Thank you, Greyson. It's so late now, but I still asked you to come here. In fact, there is a nurse here. I can call the nurse directly if I want to do something. It's so late. Why does Gerry still bother you? "

After what had happened to Molly, Greyson could tell that she had a hard time today. Her eyes were red and swollen. He knew that she must have cried for a long time tonight.

Greyson put the bag on the bed and said, "Didn't we make a deal not to be so polite to each other! I'm bored in the studio alone. Thank you for accompanying me. I bought some food. We can watch the movie. "

Although he really wanted to take Molly to a restaurant for dinner, he thought that it was not convenient for her to go out now, and he was afraid that he would run into the paparazzi if he went out at this time.

That was all Greyson could think of.

Molly nodded with a smile, but sighed, "It's a pity that I can't drink. If I can drink beer and watch a movie, it will be more exciting."

She just wanted to find an excuse to drink something to relax herself.

Although she was determined to divorce Walter, Molly felt a headache at the thought of her daughter.

How to explain it to the child?

Although Amy was very sensible, she was only five years old after all.

Her daughter said she didn't want a stepmother, but she had to divorce Walter.

Perhaps only married women could understand this pain. After having a child, they couldn't be as free and easy as other single women when they divorced.

Seeing her sad face, Greyson wanted to get her a bottle of beer. But considering that she was still a patient, he had to use juice instead of beer.

"I really don't have beer. I have a lot of juice! I'll help you wash your face before the movie. "

Molly's feet were injured, so Greyson was willing to help her wash her face and brush her teeth.

Molly kept shaking her head with embarrassment, "No, No, No. my feet are in

yson was not good at lying, but Molly wouldn't expose him in person.

She knew that everyone around her was thinking for her. They knew her well. She had a strong self-esteem and didn't want to accept help or be pitiful, so they were carefully protecting her pride and self-esteem.

However, Molly accepted their kindness happily even though she didn't know how to repay them.

The warm actions of Greyson and others made her feel that she was also treated warmly by this world, and that she was also loved.

The harm she suffered from Walter seemed to be balanced by her friends.

That was why Molly had the courage to face Walter and divorce.

With these people around, even if they divorced, so what?

She wouldn't be alone, and Walter was not the only important person in her life.

Friends, sisters, daughters, families, all of them were more important than Walter.

Molly looked at Greyson quietly with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth. Greyson inadvertently looked up and saw her looking at him with a smile. He also smiled gently and asked, "What's wrong?"

Molly shook her head, smiled and said, "Thank you, Greyson. Thank you for being with me when I needed someone most. If it weren't for you, I might never have the courage to say divorce to Walter. But now when I really say it out, I feel relieved, more like a relief."

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