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   Chapter 343 I Can't Love Again

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After a long silence, Molly finally asked, "Where is Walter? Dead or alive? "

Molly had mixed feelings. The bad man who made her want to give up finally saved her out of conscience?

But he saved her, could she forgive what he had done to her?

Seeing that no one else answered, Fiona took the initiative to stand out and tell her, "He's in the ICU, but he's recovering well. The doctor said that although he had a craniotomy operation, fortunately, there was no intracranial hemorrhage, so he didn't stay in a coma for a long time and woke up. He is now in recovery. "

Molly nodded and said nothing more.

Whether she should really forgive Walter or not, she needed to make a new choice.

After all, when a man was in danger, the first person he thought of was you, not himself. This kind of instinctive reaction was enough to prove that Molly was still the one he loved most.

Molly was clear about this.

"By the way, what about Amy? I have been in a coma for three days? Where is she in these three days? "

Lina said, "Amy is in her grandmother's house. There are so many people in the hospital, and there are a lot of reporters at the gate, so we didn't let her come to the hospital to see you."

Molly smiled at her sister and nodded approvingly, "Yes, you're right. If Amy comes to the hospital at a young age, I'm afraid that she will get sick because of her poor immunity. Take her to the hospital when I recover. By the way, did you and Jay come back on purpose because of this matter? "

Lina was happy to see her sister wake up, but she couldn't help but shed tears. "You scared me to death. How can I not come back? Won't you hide when you see the car coming? What are you waiting for? "

Lina was crying and angry at her sister. Both Fiona and Molly just smiled helplessly. They knew that it was Lina who was acting like a spoiled child to her sister.

It seemed that Lina was really frightened these days.

Molly explained helplessly, "We were waiting for a car at the intersection. Where should we hide? Besides, it was too late to think about it. Ouch, my little princess has always been worried about me. I'm sorr

ease note that there are many reporters in the hospital now. If you shout at my friend, someone will take a photo of you and post it on the Internet. What would those people say about you? They will only think that you are a bad mother-in-law. You don't want to be judged like this, do you? "

It seemed that Walter had saved her life. Molly didn't want to argue with her mother-in-law, but now it seemed that she was too naive.

Some people would never change.

Walter was Walter, and her mother-in-law was her mother-in-law. They were different.

Even if she could accept Walter again from the bottom of her heart, she couldn't continue to be patient with her mother-in-law as before.

Her father-in-law was more sensible. He held Lucy's hand and scolded her in a low voice, "Molly is just a little better. Why do you treat her like this? Was it Molly's fault to get Walter hurt? You are making trouble out of nothing. Why did you blame Molly? Does it have anything to do with her? "

Lucy had planned to threaten Molly to return the position of CEO to Walter as soon as possible, but thinking of what Molly had just said, maybe there were reporters hiding outside the ward?

In this case, her own image was the most important.

Lucy coughed slightly and said, "Okay, have a good rest."

Then she took her husband's hand and left the ward.

Molly shook her head helplessly. She really couldn't love this family now.

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