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   Chapter 249 Is It Fair to a Mistress

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From the moment Molly agreed to attend her engagement ceremony, Rena was completely relieved.

Although she had persuaded Molly, Rena was still worried that Gerry would get hurt because of this.

There were some things that Rena could do nothing. Rena had to help Molly and take care of Gerry's emotions, which was too difficult for Rena to balance.

Rena suggested Molly to fly to New York with her tomorrow, Molly thought for a while and finally nodded in agreement.

In order to let Rena have a good rest in Los Angeles, Molly cleaned up the guest room and let Rena go to bed first.

It seemed that she had to share a room with Fiona tonight.

After Rena went back to her room to have a rest, Greyson was willing to continue talking about Gerry.

"I didn't know that Gerry was really engaged to Rena."

Indeed, Greyson didn't know about it. After all, Rena and Gerry had no choice but to make the decision all of a sudden.

No matter what was going on behind this, Greyson felt a little lucky to know that Rena and Gerry were going to get engaged.

The less one loved Molly, the less pressure Greyson felt.

Molly thought that Gerry had finally come around. She was happy for the decision he had made. The most important thing was that Molly's inner pressure had been alleviated gradually, and she no longer worried that he would pay all his attention to her.

And she didn't have to worry that she would delay Gerry.

Unfortunately, they were just engaged. Wouldn't it be better if they got married directly?

"It's a pity that they don't get married directly, but it's good for them to get engaged. Maybe they were too busy preparing for the wedding. Gerry finally found his own love. That's great. "

Molly sighed sincerely. Greyson looked at Molly with a complicated expression.

She didn't mean to play dumb, but really thought that Gerry had chosen Rena.

Greyson shook his head helplessly. This marriage sacrificed the love between Rena and Gerry. They worked together to play this play in front of Molly and their parents. Needless to say, they were fighting for enough opportunities for Molly.

"Did your husband contact you?"

Speaking of Walter, the smile at the corners of Molly's mouth suddenly froze, and then she nodded. "Yes, he has. But he is in London, England. As long as he doesn't disturb me, everything will be fine."

Without him, it was

stress is arrogant and domineering, your husband is also wrong. You seem to be very tolerant of your husband but is so cruel to the mistress? Do you think it's fair to that mistress? "

Staring straight at the expressionless eyes of Rena, Molly suddenly chuckled, "When the marriage of two people suddenly intervenes in one person, the relationship between the three of us is unfair. Everyone was selfish. They would do anything to protect their marriage! It seems that my husband is taking advantage of me to fight with a mistress. Indeed, I'm not reconciled. He is the most evil person, but I have to give him a chance every time! "

It was precisely because of this that Rena felt Molly was too smart but too coward.

"It's also your husband's fault. So you should hate him first instead of thinking about how to deal with a mistress, right?"

Molly couldn't help but sneer. She always replied in a calm voice, "Although I feel sorry for his infidelity, I have the right to choose to forgive my husband for hating mistresses. The reason is very simple. My husband once loved me, and he is the father of the child and a family! If my family made a mistake, I can forgive them and find a way to get them back on track in time. But a mistress is a stranger to me. She only have destruction and desire, so I will never forgive her! As for my husband, I'm punishing him as he deserves! "

Molly's words shocked Rena. She stared at Molly, unable to calm down for a long time.

Yes, Walter was her husband and the father of her child. She couldn't give up him easily before the last moment!

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