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   Chapter 246 Brother in Law Has an Affair Does Sister Also Have an Affair

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Greyson's appearance made Molly a little panic, but also secretly surprised.

How could she not be excited to see Greyson here?

But... Did Greyson come to Los Angeles to take care of her?

Before Molly could ask, Greyson explained considerately, "I happened to come back to deal with something, and by the way, I came to Los Angeles to see you."

Molly felt much better after hearing this.

At the thought of so many delicious dishes at home, Molly invited enthusiastically, "I'm at my sister's home. I happened to see my sister's boyfriend and I cooked a large table of dishes today. If you don't eat, come and have a seat."

Greyson said to Molly, "Okay, I haven't had dinner yet. Where is your sister's apartment?"

Molly was worried that Greyson might not be able to find a place, so she suggested to pick him up in person. "I'll text you the address of my sister's apartment. Inform me when you arrive, and I'll pick you up myself."

"Okay, see you later."

After hanging up the phone, Molly immediately sent the location of her sister's apartment to Greyson. When she returned to the restaurant, she explained to her sister and Jay, "I'm sorry. One of my friends happened to come to Los Angeles for business and came to see me. He will come here to have dinner with you later. I hope you don't mind."

Jay and Rain were quite generous about this. "How can we mind if a friend of my sister-in-law comes to see you? After all, you have cooked so many dishes. We can't eat them all. It's fun for more people to come here. "

Molly smiled with relief. She knew that Jay and Rain wouldn't mind it.

As for her sister, Lina, she didn't care about it at all. She was just curious. Her sister's real friend was only Fiona. Where did this friend who came to Los Angeles to visit her come from?

Lina couldn't help but lower her head and ask Fiona, "Fiona, in my memory, you are my only good friend. Who is this coming friend? Do you know many friends when I was abroad? "

Fiona was also confused. Molly only

azines. He is still a good friend of Gerry. Greyson and your sister are innocent. Gerry asks Greyson to take care of your sister."

Fiona's message was too shocking for Lina to respond. "Fiona, what do you say? Brother Gerry? Gerry who had disappeared for more than seven years? Oh my God! Has Gerry come back?"

Fiona nodded with a sad look. "Yes, he's back. But he's dealing with his own business in New York now. He'll be back soon. This time, he decided to stay at home all the time."

Lina gossiped with her like a child, but she didn't know what her sister was going through, neither did she know Greyson and Gerry, and even Gerry's girlfriend was trying to save Molly's life.

But Molly's sister could still be so innocent and romantic. But she might not be able to hold on for long.

When she came back from work, she would soon find that her sister, who had been protecting her and loved her deeply, was suffering from illness.

At that time, Lina, who had been protected by Molly since she grew up and had never experienced setbacks, would really be able to accept the miserable fate of her sister?

At that moment, Fiona felt sorry for the poor sisters.

If possible, Molly wanted to keep his sister's innocent and romantic smile forever, and never wanted her to face the cruel reality.

But how long could Molly conceal it?

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