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   Chapter 244 before the Dinner Party

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Gerry didn't know how he felt at that moment. Anyway, it was really complicated.

It was not a wedding, but an engagement. But for Gerry, it was the same as being engaged to Rena.

In fact, the one who had sacrificed the most in this matter was still Rena.

After Rena and Gerry left the room, her parents began to plan the engagement.

But the woman mentioned just now still worried Rena's mother, so she decided to investigate it in person.

After leaving the study, Gerry took Rena directly to his guest room. After closing the door, he asked her in a low voice, "Do you need to do this? You are the one who suffered the most! You should know that although we are not married, it's not easy for you to be with others if you are engaged to me. "

In the future, if Rena wanted to find another boyfriend, but if the other man knew that she had been engaged, they would definitely consider it?

Rena made such an impulsive decision just now, it was right for Gerry to save Molly, but he didn't want to ruin Rena's life.

Rena didn't care about it, she just sneered disdainfully, "So it's because of this. I thought something had happened when you were so serious. You don't have to worry about my reputation and purity. In this era? I'm engaged. So what? If the man I'm going to find really loves me, he won't care whether I'm engaged or not. The most important thing now was to save her. I'll be back in a few days after a long journey tomorrow. "

At that time, she would bring Molly to New York to give Gerry a surprise.

But after thinking for a while, Rena wanted to dispel her mother's suspicion of the two of them, she might have to let Molly attend their engagement ceremony.

That would be cruel to Gerry, wouldn't it?

Rena had no choice but to make Gerry feel bad for the time being.

"Where are you going? How long will you come back? "

Rena wanted to leave, Gerry was afraid that he couldn't deal with the two elders alone. After thinking carefully, Rena thought that she might come back in three days at most.

"I'll be back in three days. My parents are preparing for the engagement. Remember to try to prevent my parents from inviting your pa

sister would feel more relaxed, but Molly shook her head stubbornly. "These are all your favorite food, not much at all. Anyway, Rain and Jay live together. You can pack the food and take it back. They don't have to go out to buy food tomorrow. "

Thinking that Rain was her sister's boyfriend, Molly naturally wanted to be good to that child.

Lina was so moved that she put her face on her sister's back. She was the happiest person in the world to have such a sister.

The corners of Lina's mouth curled up slightly unconsciously. She really felt that she was too happy.

There was a perfect sister who loved her and spoiled her, and a man who loved her most loved her every day.

She was born in a rich family and had been taken good care of by her family since childhood. Now she thought that her path was really smooth.

Even so, Lina felt a little uneasy.

If she went so smoothly now, would she be in trouble in the future?

She knew that marriage was a difficult problem.

Jay's parents and her sister, who knew whether they would hinder her happiness in the end?

"Never mind. At the worst, we can have baby first. They have to agree when I have a child with Jay."

Lina thought to herself. She had no choice but to use this trick.

At this time, at the Los Angeles Airport, Greyson had already walked out with his luggage.

Thinking that he would see Molly soon, a doting smile finally appeared on Greyson's cold face.

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