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   Chapter 241 Begging for Mercy

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Jay didn't expect that Lina would react so violently. He just had a few words with the woman who accosted him.

Lina glared at him with red eyes. Feeling sorry for her, Jay stretched out his hand and tried to hold her in his arms to comfort her, but Lina pushed him away angrily.

Jay asked patiently and softly, "what happened? Are you jealous because I talked to those two women? Lina, are you serious? Why are you angry? What's wrong with you recently? You won't mind if I chat with my good girl friend. "

Lina was cool. She trusted Jay with all her heart, so she didn't care about his girlfriends before even if they were closer.

But recently, Lina was indeed very unusual.

Jay stretched out his hand and rubbed her hair. "I just told them that I have a wife and showed them my ring. Aren't you satisfied with it? Honey, you really misunderstood me. I refused them when they accosted me. Is it also my fault? "

Lina nodded her head in an unreasonable way. "Yes, it's all your fault. You're so handsome that people can accost you."

Her husband was so handsome and was so popular abroad. She didn't know how many women she would mess with after returning home.

Lina felt tired at the thought that there would be many women who wanted to take her husband away from her in the future.

Jay was a little aggrieved, "Honey, you're being unreasonable. It's my fault to be handsome? Why don't you feel safe? You are much more beautiful than the two women just now. "

Jay was not coaxing Lina, but telling the truth. Lina wiped the tears on her face with the back of her hand, raised her head and protested aggrievedly, "She is a blonde woman, an American beauty with blonde hair and blue eyes. Don't you like her?"

How could Lina not worry about their good figure and hot clothes?

Jay couldn't understand why Lina was jealous. He smiled helplessly and told her sincerely, "I don't like blondes. I like women with black hair. If I like you, I only like you. Don't you know th

er pushed a shopping cart full of food to the front of the two.

Seeing that Lina's eyes and cheeks were as red as apples, Fiona couldn't help but ask, "what's wrong with you? Why are your eyes and face so red? "

As soon as Lina was about to explain, Jay said first, "there were two men accosting her just now. They were quite handsome. Maybe she was too shy."

Lina knew that Jay was trying to embarrass her on purpose. He was accosted by two women, but he framed her up.

Lina glared at him and kicked him hard.

With a doting smile, Molly touched Lina's head and said, "It's normal for beautiful Lina to be accosted. But since you have a boyfriend, you should learn to refuse them. Don't act recklessly, okay? "

Seeing that his sister-in-law educated Lina in this way, Jay also reminded her, "My sister-in-law is right. You have already had a boyfriend, and you should be loyal to your boyfriend. You can't mess with other men outside."

Lina knew that Jay was trying to piss her off again. She couldn't help but roll her eyes at him and mumbled in a low voice, "You are talkative. You are so talkative!"

Molly had bought all the ingredients. After they left the supermarket, Jay proposed to have dinner in a restaurant directly.

After all, Jay didn't have the heart to let his sister-in-law cook every day.

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