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   Chapter 233 Chase Her Again

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"Mom, I'll go to London, England first. After arriving there, I'll check in every restaurant to see if I can find out Molly's check-in records. I have no other choice. "

Walter's eyes darkened, but he had no choice.

The people in the secretary office refused to help him investigate, and Fiona's husband knew nothing about it.

So Walter had to solve this matter on his own. Maybe this was the test that Molly gave him, and she wanted to see if he really paid attention to find her?

Lucy was still worried. She was afraid that Molly and Walter's marriage would come to the divorce in the end.

"Go ahead. I won't feel relieved until you get rid of it as soon as possible. Remember not to have any contact with Shelly these days. "

Walter nodded, asked his mother to take good care of herself and left the hospital.

He had booked a plane ticket to London, England at ten o'clock in the evening. Now he had to go home and pack up.

He didn't know how long he would stay in London this time. He was well prepared, but he was in a hurry to pack his luggage alone.

Sitting on the floor blankly and looking at the messy clothes in the suitcase, Walter suddenly thought of his wife, Molly.

Every time he went on a business trip, it must be Molly who helped him pack up his luggage.

Where were the shirts, towels and toiletries? They were in a separate bag, and everything she was doing was arranged in order.

But now when he checked his own luggage, he found that he really relied on Molly.

Since his wife wasn't here, he had to pack up some clothes and toiletries.

It was too cold for him to stay at home.

The house was so big that Walter didn't even want to turn on the light.

In the darkness, he closed his eyes and recalled the first time they met.

Walter was a transfer student, because he was not familiar with the school where Molly was just.

He remembered that he was really cold and arrogant at that time, with a cold face to everyone.

But he was also frustrated at that time.

t Ashley and nodded slightly without answering her question.

It seemed that he was telling Ashley that everything he had done was for the sake of Molly.

Ashley couldn't help crying. Seeing this, Peter immediately pulled her out of the office.

In the corridor, Peter sighed helplessly, "You are so silly. It's a foregone conclusion. What are you looking forward to? Can't you just be your assistant? "

Ashley felt so wronged. She raised her head and glared at Peter, which made him scared.

"Why are you staring at me? I'm helping you out of kindness. If you keep interfering in our boss's private life like this, he will fire you and you won't even have a place to cry. Will you see our boss then? You can't even have a crush on him. "

Peter was right, but Ashley felt wronged. "Will Greyson fire me?"

If he really did that, it would be too heartless.

Ashley had been with Greyson for several years.

Maybe they were friends!

Peter shrugged helplessly. "Don't challenge our boss's bottom line. Why can't he fire you? You are just an assistant. You have no right to interfere in other people's love life. "

Peter was right, but Ashley couldn't help but feel sad.

While she was crying, she suddenly plunged into Peter's arms and burst into tears.

Peter froze and let Ashley cry in his arms, but he didn't dare to move.

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