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   Chapter 232 It's Too Easy to Get Her

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Fiona just said it casually, but Lina was deep in thought. Lina looked at Fiona in panic, wondering if she had found something wrong.

However, Jay smiled at Fiona calmly and said helplessly, "well, Fiona, don't make fun of her anymore. Look at her at a loss."

Lina couldn't help but secretly admire Jay. Jay was mature and calm enough. Even if he was forced by Fiona again and again, he could still calmly deal with all kinds of difficulties of Fiona.

Although Fiona thought there might be something between Lina and Jay, she might have overthought of it when she saw that Jay was so calm.

Fiona suddenly felt bored and let go of Lina. "This girl is also funny. Why is she so nervous when it comes to things related to you? Forget it. I won't make fun of you. Your sister has talked on the phone for a long time. "

Fiona was more worried about Molly. She guessed that either Walter or her mother-in-law called her.

At this time, Walter must be desperate to find Molly to settle the matter.

Although everyone was worried about Molly, she was sure to solve it by herself. No one could interfere.

Outside the hallway, Molly was listening carefully to the sweet words Walter had said to her with a calm hand holding the phone.

"Molly, where are you? I'm so worried about you when you're not at home these days. You're still pregnant with your second baby. How can you go out alone? It's not safe. Tell me where you are. I'll go find you, okay? "

His seemingly concerned words sounded emotionless to Molly.

He should also care about her and her child, but what he cared most was when his CEO position would come back to him?

Molly remained silent all the time. Walter glanced at his mother and became a little anxious. "Molly, are you listening?"

Molly nodded slightly, but refused to say anything.

She was still giving Walter a chance to see how he

nswer the phone all the time. Don't call me and harass me like today. Chase me instead of harassing me. You know these two words are different. "

"Okay, I know. "Walter was a little helpless. Now his wife was the most important. He couldn't retort whatever she said.

Molly was very satisfied with Walter's answer. "Okay, I'll hang up and call me on We Chat if anything happens."

After saying that, Molly hung up the phone.

Walter was about to say something to make her happy, but before he could say anything, he heard the sound of beep over the phone.

Walter called her name helplessly, "Molly? Molly? "

No one answered. It seemed that she really hung up the phone.

Lucy sat aside and stretched her neck, trying to hear what Molly had said.

Seeing the helplessness on Walter's face, she was more worried, "what on earth is going on? What did Molly say? Will she come back? "

Walter shook his head with regret.

Since Molly refused to come back, he could only make a plan with all his heart to win Molly's heart back.

In order to return to the CEO's position as soon as possible, Walter gritted his teeth and made up his mind not to contact with Shelly actively recently.

The choice must be made between the two women.

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