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   Chapter 229 Be Interested In Others' Wife.

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Walter didn't receive any reply from Shelly. In the afternoon, he was dealing with the order problem. Halfway through the work, he received a call from his mother.

It turned out that Lucy had already known that Walter went to work in the factory.

Lucy yelled at Walter's father, "Why don't you stop him? He was the pride of heaven! He graduated from a famous university and was the president of SK entertainment. Now he was asked to manage the workers in the factory in the suburb? They are humiliating my son! "

Lucy went crazy and wanted to leave the hospital to find her daughter-in-law in person.

In order not to increase the contradiction between Lucy and Molly, Wilson had to patiently persuade her, "What does this have to do with Molly? It's all our son's fault. He cheated on Molly first. Was it also Molly's fault? Molly helped him secretly several times, but Walter didn't cherish it! Besides, Molly is not at home now. "

Wilson explained clearly, but Lucy didn't believe it at all.

She had seen how capable Molly was. 'How could she not know that the CEO's position was transferred to her?'

Then Lucy called Walter, because Walter was too busy to answer his mother's phone.

But he didn't expect that his mother was so stubborn that she called again and again, Walter had to compromise.

"Mom? I'm working. The factory has been very busy with orders recently. Many female workers are still newbies. There are too many flaws in the finished products that I can't handle at all. Can you wait until I get off work? "

Walter couldn't irritate Lucy, but he really felt tired both physically and mentally.

Hearing that he was so dutiful for this job, Lucy felt even more aggrieved.

"Walter. What are you doing? You are the CEO! Even if you are removed from your post now, you should actively deal with it. You can talk to the major shareholders in private and ask your wife to solve this matter. "

She couldn't understand why her son was so decadent that he was willing to manage those workers in the factory.

It was a waste of talent.

Lucy knew that her son was used to being proud. It was a big blow to him that he w

you are now the general manager of the clothing processing factory in the suburb. You are not the president of our headquarters anymore. You shouldn't be here at this time. "

Jonathan warned Walter seriously, hoping to drive him away as soon as possible.

Walter frowned deeper. It was obvious that Jonathan was hiding something from him.

Walter pointed at Noble, who was standing beside Jonathan, and asked coldly, "Why is he in our company? Is there any cooperative project between our company and his group? "

But Noble's family mainly engaged in real estate projects and jewelry business. 'Were they going to find SK stars to endorse their jewelry brand?'

Jonathan still wanted to find an excuse to muddle through, but Noble arrogantly raised the corners of his mouth and whispered, "I'm sorry, Mr. Walter. I'm here to apply for the position of CEO, and I'm hired to work in the company tomorrow."

Noble's words instantly stabbed into Walter's wound. Walter stood there blankly and stared at him.

'He is at least five years younger than me. What qualifications does he have to be the CEO of SK entertainment?'

What Walter couldn't understand most was that the two sons of ZS Group didn't worry about money or job. Why did they have to work in SK?

'What did he want?'

"What's your purpose?"

Noble smiled mysteriously, "My intention? I'm really interested in your wife, Molly, the CEO of SK entertainment. "

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