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   Chapter 226 Don't Leave Me Alone

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Shelly had found her apartment and was packing in it.

When she saw the message, she smiled complacently.

Everything was under her calculation. Although Walter wanted to cut off the relationship with her, he couldn't help but send her a message.

Walter cared about Shelly. He couldn't let her go.

Shelly didn't text back to Walter. She knew how to get his heart!

Walter had finished his lunch. He couldn't help looking down at the phone screen again and again, but there was still no reply.

'Shelly, are you really going to break up with me?'

Walter sighed. He thought he reason why Shelly didn't reply to his message was that she didn't want to get him into trouble.

He was deeply touched.

As for Molly, when Walter needed her most, she was nowhere to be found and nobody knew where she had been.

Walter went back to his office to have a rest. The lunch break would last for 1.5 hours.

He lay on the sofa and tried to call Molly.

This time the phone was connected, and Walter was a little nervous. He tightened his throat and wondered what to say to Molly after the phone was connected.

'Do not mention that I was removed and directly tell he mother was sent to the emergency room?

If so, would she be softhearted and come back early to deal with my affairs?'

The phone rang for a long time. Walter had been preparing for it for a long time, but in the end, Molly didn't answer it.

Walter was a little angry. 'Did you refuse to answer my phone on purpose?'

At this moment, in a five star hotel in Los Angeles.

Molly, Fiona and their children had already gone to bed early.

In the evening, Lina would come to the hotel to pick them up. Molly was worried that Amy would be too excited to see her.

Amy wouldn't go to bed early tonight.

It was better to let the kids sleep a little longer.

After coaxing the children, Molly and Fiona took two bottles of drinks from the fridge. They sat on the ground floor and looked at the beautiful scenery downstairs. They chatted and enjoyed the pleasant afternoon.

Fiona str

d booked a private room at seven o'clock in the evening.

Lina and Jay were going to pick them up at the hotel at six o'clock in the evening.

So they still had more than two hours.

Lina arranged everything thoroughly. She was afraid that her sister would find out something.

After all, Molly was smart and observant.

After putting away his clothes, Jay put away the toothbrush, gargle cup and towel in the bathroom.

Standing at the door of the bathroom, Lina thought that Jay would go to his friend's house and stay there for more than 10 days. She was reluctant to part with him.

She walked behind Jay coquettishly, put her hands around Jay's waist and said reluctantly, "What should I do, Jay? My sister will stay here for more than 10 days. It means that we will be separated for nearly half a month. We two are not in the same university. What should I do if I miss you? "

Molly liked to be cute in front of Jay.

"I'll feel terrible if I can't see you. I'd better let my sister stay in the hotel. Don't go. "

Lina's soft voice amused Jay. He turned around and pinched her face dotingly. "Nonsense! How could you let your sister stay in a hotel when she came? 10 days passed quickly. If you miss me, I will find an opportunity to see you. Anyway, I have a good relationship with Molly. I often come to see you and she won't doubt our relationship. "

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