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   Chapter 222 Pave the Way for Her Future

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His father's words stabbed into Walter's heart word by word like a sharp sword.

Although he knew that his father was right and that it was Molly who had given him all the power and money these years.

But everyone was greedy. Now Walter was used to enjoy the luxurious life of the upper class.

Let him fall to the bottom again and start over, he really can't do it.

"Father, I didn't say that I want a divorce, and I won't divorce Molly. I was just kidding. Why was Molly so ruthless? Call Molly and inform her that our mother has entered the resuscitation room because of anger. If Molly knows that mother is so angry that she is sent to the emergency room, she will definitely compromise. "

Until now, Walter still wanted to take a chance, thinking that Molly's tough attitude was just pretending.

As long as someone got hurt because of this, she would definitely return her position and make everything back to the starting point.

Molly's father-in-law closed his eyes helplessly. His son was hopeless.

Although he had promised Molly to abandon Shelly in front of interests.

But now Walter was very different from before. Who knew if he would still keep in touch with that woman in private?

Molly's father-in-law didn't want his son to pester him all the time, and he didn't want Molly's efforts to be wasted in vain.

So he looked at his son and said coldly, "Molly and Fiona took the children abroad for a trip. She might not know about it yet. I advise you to go to the factory in the suburb these days. You'll be a manager for a few days. When Molly comes back, I'll see if the problem can be solved. "

Seeing that his father was finally willing to tell him where Molly was, Walter's heart was lit up with hope again. Walter continued to ask, "Did she go abroad for a trip? Where did she go? Los Angeles? "

Speaking of Molly going abroad, the first place Walter thought of was Los Angeles.

After all, Molly's sister and father were there. Where would she go if she didn't go?


't you know that the paparazzi have been watching us? "

Facing of Walter's query, tears welled up in Shelly's eyes. She retorted, "how could I not come? Do you know how much I worried about you after knowing that you had something wrong? I came to see you because I was afraid that you would think too much. "

It seemed that Shelly was a righteous woman.

Walter sat on the sofa dejectedly and sneered, "It's rare for you to come to see me. Now I have nothing."

Shelly didn't care about it at all, because she knew that Molly wouldn't let Walter stay in the factory in the suburb all the time.

She took the risk to come here today just to pave the way for her future.

In order to fight against Molly, she had to have a long-term vision, in order to ensure her future interests.

Shelly could only lose to Molly for the time being.

And now, she really did not have any strength to fight against her.

Sitting next to Walter, Shelly poured him a glass of wine and said with a bitter smile, "it suddenly occurred to me that I drank with you like this when we first met. Why were you upset at that time? Oh, right, because the shareholders of the company vetoed one of your plans. You said your wife was good in everything, but sometimes you feel stressed in front of her. "

Shelly began to recall the first time she met Walter.

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