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   Chapter 199 Someone Is Making Trouble in Secret

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Updated: 2020-06-30 12:59

Fiona called her family and asked her mother-in-law to take care of her daughter.

Although her mother-in-law complained to her on the phone, Fiona still chose to stay with Molly.

At times like this, someone must be there to take care of her.

Although Walter was not going to be a domestic violence, the fierce light in Walter's eyes just now made Fiona uneasy.

Molly lay on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. Her weak body seemed to be more uncomfortable after what had happened just now.

The temperature had never dropped, but she forced herself to think about what might happen next.

The reporters had been standing near the hospital all the time. Shelly should have woken up by tonight.

How could that woman act miserably in front of the reporters?

Molly had turned off her phone, so neither her parents in law nor the reporters could call in.

Her mother-in-law would take care of Amy.

Molly only hoped that the entertainment reports today would not be seen by Amy.

At that time, she really didn't know how to explain it to Amy.

Did she still want to lie to her daughter and tell her that her father loved her very much and loved this family?

Molly rubbed her forehead with a headache.

There were too many things to think about, but no matter what she did, Walter would not give up for the time being.

In another VIP ward downstairs, Shelly finally woke up.

She looked around blankly and then realized that she was in the hospital.

Seeing her awake, Walter immediately stepped forward and held her cold hand. "Why are you so silly? Why can't you take things too hard? Is there anything that we can't talk about? "

Looking at Walter's extremely nervous face, Shelly felt wronged and her tears fell down.

She sobbed and complained, "I just want to be an actress. I didn't expect your wife to be so ruthless. Walter, she's driving me to a dead end. You know that I only love you. I left that place for you because I was born in a bad family. I don't have a high education! But do you really think I don't have anyone else? What kind of rich people can't I meet in that nightclub? Those people want to support me, but I don't agree! Why? Because I only like you. "

In fa

would need him to make more actors popular in the future.

Even if he felt a little humiliated, Walter could only endure it silently.

"She's not, director David... I... "

Seeing that he was persistent in arranging that woman to act his new play, director David didn't want to waste any more time with him. Before Walter finished his words, he interrupted him, "Walter. Let's not talk about those useless things. You should know me well. I don't need artists who are too controversial, and I won't use artists who are not good at acting. It's useless to go through the back door! I'm still busy. Forget it. "

Then David hung up the phone.

"Director David... Director David! "

Walter shouted at the phone, but it was already hung up.

Walter scratched his hair in chagrin. He had a lot of things to deal with today, and now he really lost his patience.

Seeing his expression, Shelly's heart sank.

Was the road blocked?

"Director David doesn't want me?"

Walter nodded helplessly, "director David has read your information. He wants an actress, not a model."

Frowning, Shelly thought for a while and whispered in confusion, "you haven't told director David that you want me to act his new play. Even if he wants to see the information of the company's stars, shouldn't he read the information of the actors? How does he know my information?"

Walter suddenly realized that someone was making trouble in secret.

Was that woman his delicate wife, Molly!

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