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   Chapter 198 Don't Force Me to Hit a Woman

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Updated: 2020-06-30 12:59

Hearing the hurried footsteps, Molly immediately lay back on the bed and said to Fiona, "don't let him in."

She didn't want to talk to Walter anymore.

She had just given him a chance to visit her, but he didn't want to come. Now he was in a hurry to come in and see her, but Molly refused to give him any more chance.

She knew that Walter came to see her not simply because he cared about her, but because he wanted to question her why she was so cruel to Shelly.

Molly knew that Walter was too deep in his thought, so he was on the side of Shelly.

At this moment, no matter what she said, he couldn't hear, so she simply avoided seeing him.

Molly closed her eyes tightly, while Fiona stood outside the ward.

Seeing him rushing towards her angrily, Fiona immediately stretched out her arms to stop him. "What are you doing?"

"I don't think I see my wife needs your permission."

Walter looked fierce, which surprised Fiona.

Although Walter had an affair before, he still had the sense of shame to know that he had done something wrong. He had always been guilty in front of Molly.

But now, he became so confident? Did he even think he was right?

Fiona's eyes darkened. She blocked the door with her body and asked, "Are you here to see your wife? Are you here to blame her? Walter, you are such infatuated to a mistress. But you want to frighten your wife? Do you have any conscience! Your wife was so angry with you and your mistress that she got sick and hospitalized directly. You have been so busy with your mistress in the hospital for so long. It's good for you to come to see your wife. "

Fiona had always been unreasonable. It was hard to tell right from wrong when Walter was defeated by her today.

What's more, he was in the wrong.

But now that Shelly had killed herself by cutting her wrist, did Molly have to force her to death?

"Get out of my way. I don't want to hit a woman."

Walter threatened in a cold voice. His words that he didn't want to beat a woman had completely infuriated Fiona.

How shameless he was! How dare he hit a woman?

Fiona immediately raised her voi

t me. You have been married for seven years, because I am your best friend. He has always been polite to me. It's the first time that he has done this to me. He has gone too far. Why is he so angry? Because that woman cut her wrist to commit suicide, and because the news report said that you were hospitalized because of Shelly. Did he feel sorry for that woman? Is he angry from embarrassment? "

Fiona couldn't swallow her anger. How could Walter treat Molly like this?

Molly ran her fingers through the scattered hair near her ears and sighed helplessly, "he won't let it go. He will come to me at night."

When he met director David, he would definitely come to her.

Walter would have thought that it was after she discussed with director David that he decided not to use the actress, Shelly.

At that time, Walter, who was worried about Shelly, would blame her for everything.

What Molly disliked most was Walter's way of defending a mistress.

"My parents in law will arrive soon when they see the news. But Fiona, can you stay with me these days? "

She needed someone to accompany her in the hospital so that she could feel at ease.

Greyson was the most relieved person in Molly's heart, but it was not convenient for him to stay with her because of his identity.

The only person Molly could rely on now was Fiona.

She couldn't deal with Walter and her troublesome mother-in-law alone.

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