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   Chapter 197 She Really Don't Want to Give Her a Way Out

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Molly's question made the nurse a little embarrassed. In fact, after Shelly got out of the resuscitation room, she was directly sent to the VIP ward.

The money was paid by Walter, and he stayed with Shelly all the time.

The nurse Essie thought she should tell Molly the truth.

"That woman entered the VIP ward. Your husband paid the money. It seems that he has been with that woman all the time. "

After Essie saying that, the atmosphere in the ward completely cooled down.

Molly bit her red lips, tears welling up in her eyes, but she was strong enough to hold them back.

Her heart was torn apart. She didn't expect that Walter would be so infatuated with Shelly.

It had to be said that Shelly's bet was win.

Molly kept her head down, while Shelly was like a needle stabbing into her heart.

Even though she successfully suppressed the mistress Shelly, she still failed to keep her husband.

She cannot keep his people before, in the near future, perhaps even her husband's heart cannot keep.

Seeing that Molly kept silent all the time, Essie knew that her words might hurt her.

As a kind-hearted and straightforward person, Essie was assigned to this hospital not long after she graduated.

She also thought that Molly's husband might have something to do with that woman, so she wanted to tell Molly the truth.

But it seemed that she didn't help Molly at all. Essie wanted to comfort her, but she was afraid that her stupid words would make her sadder.

Essie also felt bad. She said sorry in a low voice and quietly left the ward.

Seeing that she was about to leave, Molly suddenly stopped her. "Essie, if my husband comes to see me tonight and asks if I left the hospital halfway, you can tell him that I have been in the ward all the time."

Essie was a little confused, Molly did leave the hospital.

Then why did she lie?

Although she didn't know why Molly lied, Essie was willing to help. She nodded, patted her chest and promised her, "don't worry. I won't say anything wrong."

Molly nodded gratefully and let Essie go.

After the nurse left, Molly exhaled a long breath.

Anyway, one thing was finally done.

However, more troubles wer

ause of Shelly and was sent to the hospital in an emergency. She also asked her assistant to find out the video of the meeting this morning and cut off the parts of the crazy words that Shelly said to her on the Internet.

Molly also wanted to thank Shelly for her impulsive character.

If she hadn't rushed into the meeting room and spoken wildly to her, or if she hadn't been disrespectful to her, how could Molly find these favorable evidences that she hadn't bullied her.

Molly didn't want to pretend to be a strong woman in front of the public, but she couldn't bear others to distort the truth.

The news was released soon. Fiona knew that Walter would find her soon.

Molly specially told Fiona to guard this place and not let Walter in even if she had to die.

Although Shelly was out of danger, she was still in a coma. She didn't know that her carefully planned chess game had been messed up by Molly.

However, when Walter saw the news on the Internet and saw the video of the meeting, he was very angry.

There were video records of meetings in the company. But if Molly didn't order the people in the company to do this, who would post the video online? What's more, it only captures the part where Shelly is disrespectful to Molly.

Walter knew that Molly was in the ward upstairs. He put down his phone and went straight to Molly's ward.

He wanted to ask Molly face to face whether she really didn't want to give Shelly a way out!

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