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   Chapter 196 Has My Husband Ever Been Here

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Molly opened her eyes slowly. The first thing she saw was that Greyson had been holding his arm to apply the cold compress for her.

Molly was moved and asked, "did you keep this posture to apply the cold compress for me when I fell asleep just now?"

Greyson didn't think it was a big deal. He nodded and helped Molly up.

"Director David is waiting for us."

Molly nodded and went to a lounge with the help of Greyson.

This lounge was specially prepared for director David.

Coincidentally, the staff of the milk tea shop brought the milk tea here. Molly took two glasses of golden orange lemon and handed them to the director in person.

"Hello, director David. I'm Molly, the vice president of the company. It's hot outside. Why don't you drink some orange juice first? "

Molly handed the orange juice to Director David in person, and handed the other glass to his assistant. "You must be tired too. Have a drink to quench your thirst."

The assistant was very touched and praised her in front of director David, "director David, Miss Molly is very thoughtful. She specially bought more than 200 cups of milk tea and sent it to every staff in the crew. It's so stuffy on the film set today. This cup of little milk tea and golden orange juice really help relieve summer heat."

As the staff of the film set, what they needed most was this cold drink.

Director David looked at Molly up and down. Her cheeks were slightly red. His assistant said that she was sick and came to see him in person. Director David admired Molly's dedication more.

But he also felt strange. He had planned to go to the restaurant with her husband to talk about the casting. Why did she come in person?

"Have a seat. I only have fifteen minutes. "

Molly nodded. Fifteen minutes was enough to persuade director David to give up on Shelly.

After sitting down, Molly came straight to the point.

"Director David, in fact, you and my father have often met before. You should also be his confidant. You have helped and taken care of many outstanding actors in our company. I know my husband wants you to arrange a new actress to play the second or third role."

Director David was surp

actress, you can talk to their agent directly. And director David, please don't tell my husband that I have come to you. Please forget about our conversation today, okay? "

Director David understood what Molly meant. She did it out of good will.

"Okay, I won't tell your husband about it."

Molly stood up and bowed to him gratefully. Then she left the crew with Greyson.

As soon as she got in the car, Molly couldn't hold on anymore.

"Drink some water first. I'll send you back to the hospital right away," said Greyson, handing a bottle of water to Molly.

After drinking some water reluctantly, Molly closed her eyes and leaned against the back of the chair to rest in pain.

Along the way, she was not in a good mental state and her brain was always muddleheaded.

In a trance, she opened her eyes and saw Greyson holding her in his arms.

She wanted to refuse, but she opened her mouth and found that her eyelids were too heavy to open.

She was so tired, really tired.

After a long sleep, Molly vaguely heard someone talking.

"How could you let her go out before she finished the infusion? She is not in good health. "

Molly struggled to open her eyes and saw the nurse complaining about Greyson.

But it had nothing to do with Greyson. She insisted on going.

Molly opened her mouth and said in a hoarse voice, "Essie, it has nothing to do with him. I insist on going out. By the way, did my husband come to see me? "

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