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   Chapter 195 Lend Me Your Shoulder

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On the way to the set, Molly leaned her head against the back of the chair and rested. Thinking of the relationship between Greyson and Gerry, Molly told him worriedly, "don't tell Gerry about it. It will take some time for him to get along with Rena. Anyway, I have been working hard recently. Don't worry. I'm fine."

The more she acted like this, the more worried Greyson was.

That's exactly what Molly is capable of. She always makes you worry about her.

Greyson just nodded in agreement, but he wouldn't listen to her next time.

Greyson only believed in the strength of Gerry and Rena.

In order to let Molly deal with these things as soon as possible and go back to the hospital for recuperation, Greyson had to speed up to the film crew, hoping that Molly could successfully deal with the big director.

When they were about to arrive at the set, Molly asked Greyson to stop in front of a milk tea shop.

She asked Greyson to buy one hundred cups of milk tea and other drinks, and asked the shop assistant to send them directly to the crew later.

To please David.

Unlike Walter, Molly didn't like arranging the scene. It was hot today, so the staff on the film set must need a cup of cold drink to quench their thirst.

Molly was honest. In the morning, she had checked the detailed information of David, the chief director.

The director always valued acting skills and moral quality when choosing actors.

Even if he wanted to find a popular actress to pull his popularity, Molly would not worry.

After all, Shelly was not popular at all.

She really don't understand why director David doesn't need an actress with good acting skills to let Shelly be the second female role?

The car had already driven into the film set. Seeing that David, the chief director, was shooting, Molly didn't go forward to disturb anyone. She just let Greyson support her and wait patiently by the corner of the wall.

When the assistant to the director saw Molly and Greyson waiting in the corner, she recognized Greyson and immediately stepped forward to ask.

"Are you photographer Greyson?"

Greyson was famous, and people in thi

"Director David, the two people sitting in the corner are Miss Molly and Greyson from the entertainment company."

The assistant introduced the identity of Molly. Director David followed the assistant's gaze and saw two people in the corner. That woman looked very weak, resting on the shoulder of Greyson.

"Miss Molly? I only remember that I have an appointment with Mr. Walter at seven o'clock in the evening to talk about casting in the restaurant. I have never had an appointment with this woman."

The assistant explained in a hurry, "She didn't make an appointment with you. But this woman was Mr. Walter's wife, the daughter of Mr. Albert! She just came from the hospital and didn't feel well. She insisted on coming to see you in person. Her attitude is very sincere."

The assistant said a lot of good words for Molly. Director David was surprised to hear that Molly was the daughter of Mr. Albert.

"Is she Mr. Albert's daughter? I thought his daughter never cared about the business of the company. Okay, let them come here. "

Director David finally agreed to spare some time to have a talk with Molly.

The assistant ran to a corner and told Greyson excitedly.

Molly was still in a coma. Greyson didn't want to wake her up, but if she didn't solve the problem, Molly couldn't go back to the hospital for treatment.

Greyson had no choice but to wake her up.

"Molly, wake up! David is waiting for us."

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