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   Chapter 194 Full of Expectation

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In the ward upstairs, Molly gradually woke up.

With a syringe in her hand, Molly raised her head and looked at Greyson, who was standing beside her. Obviously, she was a little disappointed.

Greyson knew that the man she was looking forward to most at the moment should be her husband, Walter.

Greyson reached out and gently stroked her head. It was still a little hot.

Gerry's father was the director of this hospital. He had come to see Molly and asked the nurse to give Molly an intravenous drip.

The fever should be gone after tonight.

The dean also called Gerry, who was in the United States, and asked them to deal with the matter there as soon as possible and come back to help Molly.

Molly had been stubborn since childhood, and only Gerry could persuade her.

After a while, a nurse knocked on the door and came in to take Molly's temperature.

While taking her temperature, she said to her, "Molly, I seem to see your husband. He is with a middle-aged woman outside the emergency room downstairs. I heard from the nurse in the emergency room that he rushed in with a woman in his arms. The woman's wrist was bleeding all the time, and your husband's clothes were also stained with blood. It was obvious that the woman had killed herself by cutting her wrist. "

The nurse's words brought Molly back to her senses.

Her head ached and she was shocked.

Walter had been on entertainment news recently, so the nurse should not mistake him.

The woman who killed herself by cutting her wrist must be Shelly, right?

The nurse took a look at the thermometer and then told Greyson, "Her temperature has dropped a little. Please let her have a good rest and drink more water. You call me when the drip is over."

Greyson nodded. After the nurse left, Greyson walked to Molly and asked in confusion, "did Shelly commit suicide by cutting her wrist?"

What the nurse said was quite scary. The amount of blood shed should not be as simple as it looks.

Molly nodded seriously, but then laughed, "Yes, it's Shelly. It's true that she committed suicide by cutting her wrist. But she didn't really want to commi

Sooner or later, Molly will see how ridiculous her marriage is.

Greyson didn't persuade Molly to divorce because he knew that Molly had her own thoughts and wisdom.

She didn't want to give up just because she wanted to give her daughter a complete family, and because she was not willing to face failure in her own marriage.

But one day she would find that that scum didn't deserve her at all. At that time, she would definitely choose to let him go.

Greyson was willing to wait patiently. He wanted to be with her all the time when she was free again.

Greyson wanted to move her with his warmth. He even wanted to marry her!


Molly couldn't help calling Greyson when she saw him in a daze. Greyson came to himself and smiled at her gently. Then he helped her up and left the ward.

After the two of them walked out of the hospital, they went straight to the crew where David was.

Molly knew Walter too well. Even if he was in a hurry, he would definitely wait for the appointed time to see director David in the evening.

And she went to the crew to find the director herself.

If Walter was willing to go upstairs to see her, he would find that she was no longer there.

Would he?

Would he spare some time to see his wife or stay with that hypocritical mistress all the time?

Although Molly had already guessed the result, she still had a glimmer of expectation in her heart!

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