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   Chapter 193 Make A Bet On One's Own Body.

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Shelly went all out this time.

She had to stay in the company no matter what. Even if she couldn't make a debut, she could at least live in such a high-end apartment.

If she was kicked out of the company, it meant that she could only continue to live in the same apartment with others.

If Shelly went back to the nightclub to be a barmaid, who else would think highly of her?

Going back to the nightclub meant a huge drop in Shelly's value.

Those men with a little money thought she would get it easily.

Shelly's mother dialed Walter's number with her trembling hands, but no one answered.

At this moment, Walter was upset. He just came out of the company and was about to drive to the hospital to see how Molly was doing.

He noticed that his phone kept ringing and it showed the name of Shelly.

It was great to have a mistress, but now he just felt troublesome.

He knew why Shelly called without answering it.

'She probably wanted to ask me for help to return to the company.

Molly had gone too far today. She didn't have to kick Shelly out of the company anyway.'

Walter didn't want to answer the phone. The last woman he wanted to deal with now was Shelly.

But the phone kept ringing, and Walter couldn't turn it off directly.

After all, he was the CEO of the company. If his phone was powered off, it would delay a lot of important things if he couldn't call in in case of emergency.

Walter had no choice but to answer the phone.

"What happened today..."

Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by her mother.

"Mr. Mr. Walter…… Shelly cut her wrist. It's full of blood. "

Shelly's mother said the whole sentence intermittently. Her voice was trembling. It could be told that she was frightened.

"What? 'cut my wrist? Cut her wrist to commit suicide? " Walter was shocked. He frowned and asked, "Are you sure she really killed herself by cutting her wrist?"

Walter was not sure. Maybe Shelly was playing tricks to make him continue to plead for her in front of Molly?

Being questioned like this, Shelly's mother became anxious in an instant. She said angrily with a crying ton

"Where do you think they are going?"

"I guess she's going to the hospital. It seems that the leaker didn't lie. So Shelly was really kicked out of the company by Mr. Walter's wife?"

The two paparazzi discussed heatedly in the car.

The two had different opinions. One believed that Molly was a simple and kind woman, a typical silly and sweet wife.

Moreover, they had interviewed some employees of the company before, and they all thought highly of Molly.

'She shouldn't have done that to Shelly.'

However, another reporter thought that Molly might just look innocent and kind. Who would be stupid to wait for a mistress to destroy her family when that mistress wanted to take her husband away?

What was the result? They could only continue to follow the car of Walter.

Soon, the car arrived at the city public hospital. Walter got out of the car with Shelly in his arms and went straight to the hospital. After getting out of the car, Shelly's mother followed them anxiously.

Shelly was soon sent to the rescue room. Her mother and Walter waited outside.

Walter's clothes were also stained with blood, and he looked quite embarrassed.

He didn't deny that when he saw the haggard and weak look on Shelly's face, he really felt sorry for her.

After all, she was his woman and had been with him for the past few months.

But he forgot that his wife, Molly, was in this hospital, in the ward upstairs!

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