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   Chapter 192 Slit Wrist!

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The manager's words made the two people who were still fighting stop.

Especially when Walter heard that Molly was ill, he was shocked.

Greyson grabbed his collar and scolded him, "Do you really care about your wife? You'd rather fight with me here than go to see if your wife is really sick? You would rather believe that your wife has an affair with me than believe that she is really sick? Walter, are you a man or not? "

Greyson looked down upon Walter more and more.

He turned around and walked towards Molly, "Molly Can you hear me? "

Greyson tried again and again to make sure that Molly had fainted.

Before he could say anything more to Walter, he picked up Molly and was about to leave.

He must send her to the hospital at this time.

Walter immediately caught up with Greyson and stopped him. "Give my wife to me."

Greyson narrowed his eyes and snapped, "Is your face more important than your wife?"

Walter saw that Molly's cheeks were red. It seemed that she still had a fever.

The elevator arrived. After casting a scornful glance at Walter, Greyson got in.

Walter still wanted to chase after her, but was stopped by the manager of the publicity department beside him.

"Mr. Walter, Mrs. Molly is indeed seriously ill. You'd better not compete with Greyson. Now the most important thing is to send your wife to the hospital as soon as possible. I feel that Mrs. Molly doesn't look well recently. Maybe because of you. "

The manager of the publicity department had worked in the company for seven or eight years.

He didn't want to see Molly get hurt all the time.

The elevator had arrived at the first floor. Walter knew that he couldn't catch up with Greyson now.

Walter was still extremely unhappy that his wife was taken away by another man like that.

But he was too emotional just now. He fought with Greyson in front of the employees and framed her sick wife.

No wonder the manager of the publicity department couldn't bear to stop him.

Walter thought of what Molly had said. He must have lost the support of the public.

Most of the

osed her eyes and shook her head in pain. "No, it's not the right time. If I tell him now that the baby is his, he will directly ask me to have an abortion! Walter would never allow him to have an illegitimate child. I have to hide it from him until the baby is born. At that time, he can't abandon the baby. "

If Shelly gives birth to this child, she can make Walter's mother happy.

It was still a long time. After she had a child, she could fight against Molly slowly.

But the premise was that she couldn't leave the company and lose everything she owned now.

Thinking of this, she immediately took out her phone and threw it to her mother. "Call Walter] and tell him that I killed myself by cutting my wrist."

"What? Don't play tricks on me, okay? "

Shelly's mother's heart skipped a beat.

Shelly had been stubborn since she was a child.

And she was bold and impulsive. How could she cut her wrist? Wasn't this hurting herself?

Shelly didn't have time to think too much. In order to make Walter take her seriously again, she picked up the fruit knife on the tea table and cut her wrist in an instant.

"Ah!" With a scream, blood spurted out from Shelly's wrist.

Shelly's mother was completely panicked, but Shelly was quite calm. She endured the pain and roared, "I didn't cut my artery! Call him now. You don't want me to lose too much blood and fall down, do you? "

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