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   Chapter 190 Being Cornered

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Shelly stared at Molly unwillingly, but she had to yield to her.

Seeing that Shelly was still unwilling to admit defeat, Molly walked up to her and looked down at her. She asked word by word, "Shelly, you seem to have mistaken the identity of the two of us. I'll ask you for the last time. Is it because of you or me? "

She wanted Shelly to admit in person that she couldn't make a debut because of her own incompetence. All of this had nothing to do with her, Molly.

Shelly bit her lower lip tightly and refused to say a word.

Molly nodded and clapped her hands. "Well, it seems that you haven't realized what your mistake is. There has never been a trainee in our company who can be so arrogant like you. Not to mention the trainees, even the top stars of our company won't be so unreasonable in front of our boss! As a vice president, I don't need to look at you at all! Since you are so dissatisfied with me, you don't have to come to the company from tomorrow on. "

Molly did it more thoroughly. If Walter didn't have the heart to kick her out of the company, she would be the villain. She could just kick her out directly.

As soon as Shelly heard that she was about to be driven out, she broke down.

Walter wanted to protect his lover, but he couldn't interfere at this time.

Once he interceded for Shelly, everyone in the meeting room would believe that he had something to do with her.

Devastated, Shelly turned around, grabbed Walter's hand and begged in a low voice, "Walter, don't drive me out. Didn't we sign the contract? You said you couldn't drive me away. "

Trembling, she suddenly turned to Molly. Walter didn't respond to her begging, and Molly was so aggressive again.

Unwilling to give up, Shelly roared at Molly, "You have no right to drive me away. Mr. Walter and I have already signed a contract. The contract is clear. Nobody can kick me out before I start my career."

Molly raised her eyebrows. She didn't expect that Walter would sign such a cont

y broke in and made a scene, she tried her best not to fall down.

Unexpectedly, after the meeting, Walter still refused to leave.

'What? He thought I had gone too far just now. Did he want to plead for Shelly?'

Walter's eyes were full of doubts. He had to ask her something clearly.

"Honey, what happened just now? Didn't you discuss with me about the meeting in advance? "

It turned out that he stayed just to question Molly why she did so?

Molly looked up at him with disdain, and said in an extremely cold tone, "Do I need to discuss with you in the meeting? I didn't tell you so you were in a bad mood? Did you discuss with me about your plan to get Shelly out of the entertainment industry? Did you ask me? "

Today, Molly] was full of energy and didn't give Walter a good look.

Walter felt that Molly was suspecting him.

At present, the most important thing for Walter was to try his best to distance himself from Shelly.

"Molly, don't you believe me? How many times do you want me to explain? I'm innocent! "

Molly didn't expect him to tell such a disgusting lie at this time.

She chuckled numbly, "Honey, what are you talking about? I trust you the most, but what you have done is not completely convincing. Does it work if I trust you? The whole company thinks you have an affair with her! "

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