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   Chapter 189 Crazy Shrew

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Molly's words made Shelly feel deeply humiliated.

The last time Molly humiliated her like this was in the closet of the hotel. She hid in it and didn't dare to make a sound, letting Molly trample on her dignity.

But today, Molly's sharp questions hurt Shelly's self-esteem again.

With red eyes, she retorted, "What's wrong with my low education? I'm from a poor family. So what? Are you looking down on me because I don't have a high education? "

Molly shook her head helplessly and said in a light and attractive voice, "I don't look down upon anyone. It's your behavior that makes people unable to respect you. Since you don't have a good education background, you should at least learn to be modest and have a heart to study hard. You came from a poor family, but you didn't work hard. Why are you so confident that you can get great success without efforts? Do you think you can make a splash by flirting with Mr. Walter? "

Today, Molly deliberately changed the topic to Walter and Shelly.

But what she said made sense. Elva nodded in agreement. "Mr. Walter, if you insist on letting Shelly] make a debut, it's really unfair to other trainees in the company. Those well-educated trainees are working hard, but why is she able to make a difference just because she has something to do with you? Do you think other people in the company will believe you once you do so? "

It was true that other employee had helped Molly. Walter looked rather embarrassed.

Shelly bit her lower lip, still unwilling to give up.

Molly read her mind and threw all the materials in front of her. "Read these materials carefully, and then tell me, where are you stronger than them? What qualifications do you have to make your debut earlier than them? If you can tell me the reason, I can let you make a debut. "

Molly was so confident, Shelly saw the company as nothing.

This was the biggest entertainment com

ull me down? You saw me in the elevator this morning, but you still closed the door in a hurry and refused to let me in? How dare you say that you didn't do it on purpose? "

What Walter most worried happened finally.

Shelly couldn't control herself and went crazy on the spot, like a lunatic, bringing the source of the conflict to Molly.

However, no matter how angry and ashamed Shelly was, or how she pointed at Molly's nose and scolded her, Molly was still calm.

Molly raised her eyebrows and turned to look at Walter.

"I did it on purpose? You were not strong enough and refused to work hard. Why did you blame me for your failure? When I took the elevator this morning, I didn't see you at all. Do you think I would notice you at a glance as a superstar in the crowd? Even if I see you leave before you get on the elevator, should I apologize to you? As a vice president of the company, I should have stopped specially to wait for you to go to the elevator together, shouldn't I? Who taught you to be so arrogant? Are you doubting me? "

The strong aura instantly swallowed up Shelly.

Looking at such a cold woman in front of her, Shelly found that Molly was more powerful than she had imagined.

Was she going to be trampled underfoot by Molly again?

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