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   Chapter 188 We Are Innocent

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Shelly heard the news from the publicity department that Molly held a meeting in person to discuss her debut plan

Shelly was shocked at that time.

'Molly held a meeting in person to decide her plan of debut?

That woman was not kind-hearted. She hated me to the core. Would she have a good life if she made me got involved?'

Shelly went straight to the meeting room upstairs.

She had to seize this opportunity. And she wanted to break in the meeting room.

The secretaries outside the meeting room were stunned. They stopped her and asked, "What are you doing? Mr. Walter and Mrs. Walter are in a meeting. "

But after all, Shelly was Mr. Walter's underground lover. Who dared to offend her?

Mrs. Walter was in the meeting room. The secretaries didn't dare to let her in.

"I want to see her. Since it is an emergency meeting for my debut plan, as the party concerned, I am also qualified to attend this meeting, right?"

Shelly refused to leave. The meeting had been held for nearly an hour, but it was still fruitless.

'Would my plan of debut be ruined?'

The secretaries were in a dilemma. They wouldn't let Shelly break into the meeting room.

Mrs. Walter didn't inform Shelly to attend the meeting, she would not let her in.

One of the secretaries was about to call the security to invite Shelly out.

In the meeting room, Molly heard the scream of Shelly. She had guessed that Shelly would rush to get even with her, but she didn't expect it to happen so soon.

Greyson was worried that Molly couldn't handle it, while Walter, who was sitting next to him, was uneasy.

Walter didn't want to see his two women meet at the same time.

He was more worried that Shelly would say something she shouldn't have said on impulse.

Molly was as calm as usual. She just smiled and then ordered her assistant to open the door and let Shelly in.

"Since the purpose of our meeting is to discuss whether or not Shelly can step out, why don't we let her involved in it?"

Molly was going to end this m

tionship. How long would Molly still be a fool?

Molly shrugged her shoulders, pretending to be innocent. "I believe you, honey. I always believe you. But will the outside world believe you? Although Shelly hadn't made her debut yet, the scandal was really a success. It was all negative news! Was there a lot of scolding on the Internet? Honey, even if you keep scolding her at this time, you still want her to make a debut. Do you think it's really okay for the public to believe you two? "

Walter was speechless again.

At this time, if Shelly made her debut, others would only say that she relied on Mr. Walter behind her to make her debut.

Who would believe that the two of them were innocent?

Seeing that Walter suddenly fell silent, Shelly became anxious. "If it depends on the reaction of the outside world, can't I make a debut for the rest of my life?"

Molly squinted dangerously and glanced at her coldly. "An actress certainly depends on the reaction of the outside world. We don't welcome you to be famous just because you're not popular? The artists in our company are of good character! We almost don't need that kind of method to clear the rumors! Whether you can make a debut in your life depends on your strength. Do you really think that your background, education background and strength are qualified to make a debut? "

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