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   Chapter 187 Don't Cry Until You See the Coffin

Sucker For Love By Kao La Characters: 7000

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Molly smiled without saying anything, and then asked the secretary to send the copied analysis data of trainees to everyone present.

"You can have a look at this data."

Everyone lowered their heads and looked carefully at the data analysis. It was clear that the company's trainees were compared with Shelly.

Shelly was not good at acting, singing or dancing.

Molly threw the documents in her hand in front of Walter and asked him confidently, "Mr. Walter, can you tell me why you choose Shelly? All the inexperienced trainees in the company were better than her. Or does Mr. Walter just like her figure and face? It doesn't matter whether she is good at acting or singing? "

Molly said bluntly, completely humiliating Walter.

His face turned blue and his body trembled with anger.

Since he took over the company from his father-in-law, he had never been humiliated like this.

Walter had no choice but to continue, "I'm targeting Shelly as a model! So she didn't need acting skills or singing for the time being. She started her career as a model and received some advertising advertisements while honing her acting skills and singing. She can start to develop her acting skills and singing skills in an all-round way when there is no problem with them."

It was not impossible, but...

Even the model, Shelly also does not have that condition.

"Mr. Walter, you are the president of the company. You should take a very professional look at whether a trainee is qualified to debut. Not everyone with good figure and appearance could be a model! We'd better to hear the expert's advice. Photographer Greyson is an internationally famous photographer, and it was Mr. Walter who personally invited him back. I have a photo album of Shelly, which was taken by the assistant of Greyson, Peter. I also have a catalogue which is the photos of other trainees in the company. You can also compare them. Greyson, the photographer, please tell us. Do you think Shelly can make a debut as a model? "

Looking at the confident look on Molly's face, Greyson instantly understood wha

nt it. Wouldn't it be better for her, as his wife, to tear up his face now?

Suppressing his emotions, Walter pounded the corner of the table angrily and informed Molly resolutely, "I proposed Shelly's debut plan. I'm going to develop her into the most popular star in the company. You just need to cooperate with my plan and give her the resources to publicize and reconcile. "

Walter didn't shed tears until he saw the coffin?

Molly's eyes became glassy. Her almond eyes were clean and spotless, but the light in her eyes was extremely cold.

She raised her lips and looked at Walter, asking word by word, "Mr. Walter, if I remember correctly, Shelly is the hostess of the night club, isn't she? Did you bring her back to the company after you went to that night club? What was her education background and identity? When is our company going to low its status and make a prostitute famous without a degree or ability? Do you think our company is a small company that specially train eighteen tier artists? Do you want Shelly to lower the level and height of all the stars in the company alone? "

Her voice was cold and strong, and he had no way back as she approached Walter step by step.

He hadn't said anything yet.

What Molly said was right. Shelly didn't have a good education, but she didn't want to advance. Did she think that she could enjoy the benefits with Walter?

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