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   Chapter 186 Aggressive

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Out of kindness, Carla told Molly about Walter's plan to train a mistress secretly.

"Do you know what your husband is doing recently?"

Molly didn't hide anything from Carla. She nodded and said, "he must be planning to make Shelly famous."

Molly's calmness shocked Carla. She couldn't help asking, "you know your husband wants to train that mistress to become an international superstar, but you turn a blind eye to it?"

Carla couldn't bear to see her like this. She brought up Molly with her help.

Carla raised Molly as her own child. How could she watch Molly be betrayed by that bastard Walter in the end?

But it was hard for others to explain their feelings clearly.

After all, they had been together for seven years. In order not to ruin their marriage, Carla had no choice but to help Molly find a way to deal with Shelly.

The mistress came aggressively, and Molly had to stop her.

If she couldn't win back Walter's heart, the family might really be broken up.

"You must find a way to stop all this. You can't give Shelly any chance to show herself." Carla warned Molly. Why can't Shelly get you out of here? She came from a poor family and was a barmaid in the nightclub. Her identity was not in line with Walter's. She could only be a mistress. But once she became an international superstar, her identity would be equal to Walter's! Walter and his parents will also think that it's shameful for their son to marry a prostitute, but it's a good thing to marry an international superstar."

What Carla said made sense. That might be one of the reasons why Shelly had to make her debut.

If she wanted to be in pairs with Walter, the first thing she needed to do was to have equal status.

A trace of disappointment flashed through Molly's eyes, but she quickly regained her confidence. "Don't worry, Aunt Carla. I will stop it to the end."

Seeing that Molly was so confident, Carla felt much more relieved.

Molly was so smart that she could set her mind at rest. Then she would definitely solve this matter smoothly.

Carla was worried that Walter would give resources to Shelly, so she tol

Although he had informed the publicity department to prepare for Shelly's debut plan after he came back yesterday, it was a secret one.

How could Molly know?

Molly was very satisfied with Walter's expression. He didn't expect that she would stand out against him, did he?

Molly turned around and looked at Walter. She smiled at him, her bright eyes and bright teeth looking innocent, but she directly asked Walter, "Mr. Walter, I heard that you want to introduce a new star, right? Shelly?"

Molly always solved problems quickly, ruthlessly and accurately.

Since it was Walter's idea, she would naturally target Walter.

Walter looked more and more embarrassed, with a faint trace of uneasiness in his eyes.

Molly was more difficult to deal with than he thought. She was completely different from Molly at home in the company.

She was even more aggressive.

Suppressed by her powerful aura, Walter still had to carry on with his plan.

He was the person in charge of the company, and he was the president.

Molly was his wife, the vice president of the company. No matter what, they had to listen to him!

Walter nodded confidently and explained, "It's time to introduce a new star. Besides, we have promised to let Shelly make a debut before. We have taken photos of her and promoted her. It's natural to push her out now. "

Molly couldn't help but burst into laughter. What a natural!

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