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   Chapter 185 You Threatened Me

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"What the fourth female character? I'm the fourth female character?"

She wasn't the number one or even the number three of the female role, but the fourth female character?

What's the difference between the female supporting role and the fourth female character?

She thought she could play the leading role with the support of Walter.

After all, those actresses who had hidden rules always got the main character in this way?

Seeing that Shelly's face darkened, Walter asked, "what's wrong? Are you not satisfied with it? There are a lot of scenes. You are a newcomer. The first play a newcomer takes on is the work of David, and the fourth female character. Aren't you satisfied?"

It seemed that Shelly was indeed greedy.

As a newcomer, this starting point was already very high.

But Shelly was not reconciled.

She put her arms around Walter's neck, and her head shrank in his arms, rubbing against him again and again. Her voice was coquettish. "Walter, I've been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. I don't have to play the leading role. How about the second role? I prefer that role. "

The second role's aura must be very powerful, and Shelly couldn't afford it.

But the woman in his arms kept acting like a spoiled child, so Walter had to agree, "Okay, okay, I'll discuss with the director."

Afraid that he might break his promise, Shelly asked again and again, "really? Will you really discuss with the director for me? "

Walter promised seriously, "it's true, more real than pearls."

Finally, Shelly smiled. She raised her head and gently kissed Walter's face as a reward.

With the beauty in his arms, Walter felt itchy in his heart. "If you really appreciate me, show me your actual actions to repay me."

As Walter spoke, he lowered his head and wanted to kiss her. Seeing that he was breathing more and more heavily, Shelly couldn't help but stand up and push him away. "Honey, have you forgotten? I said it was inconvenient for me. "

It was a useful excuse to say she was menstruating.

Walter was a little annoyed, but he could do nothing.

At this time, the secretary kn

If Carla didn't want to take Shelly, he could only ask Mona for help.

After leaving the CEO's office, Carla went straight to Molly.

She had to tell something to Molly. If they didn't want to destroy the company set up by Mr. Yin, they must be on the alert.

When Carla stood outside the office, Molly was carefully comparing the data analysis between Shelly and other stars of the company.

Seeing her working so hard, Carla was relieved.

When Molly graduated, she refused to work in the company or accept the company. Mr. Yin said that it would be good if he had a son.

If Molly was willing to work in the company earlier, the company wouldn't fall into the hands of others now.

Although son-in-law was also a family member, he was still an outsider.

If he divorces Molly...

Not wanting to think too much, Carla knocked on the door and called softly, "Molly, it's me."

Molly looked up and saw Carla. She immediately walked over and opened the door. "Auntie, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Molly rushed over and hugged Carla.

Molly called her Aunt Carla. After her mother passed away, Aunt Carla often went to her home to help take care of her.

In the past, when Carla and Jonathan were with her father to develop the company, Carla had watched her grow up.

Carla looked at Molly up and down and found that she was thinner and more haggard.

Maybe her love life really turned red.

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