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   Chapter 184 All the Grievances Are Worth It

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When Molly walked out of the elevator and passed by Greyson's office, she found that he was working in front of his computer.

Molly knocked on the door gently. Without raising his head, Greyson said, "come in."

Greyson didn't expect it to be Molly. He thought it was his assistant, Ashley, and Peter.

Molly walked to the computer step by step and saw that he was revising the photos for several stars in the company. The photos were really good.

Molly complimented him generously, "you are indeed an internationally renowned photographer. The photos you take feel different."

Hearing Molly's voice, Greyson suddenly looked up and found that it was Molly. The woman standing in front of him was exactly Molly.

Greyson was obviously surprised, didn't she go to another branch to keep her husband company?

Besides, yesterday's headline was the news of their love show. Why did she come to work today?

"You are too fast, aren't you? I thought you would stay there for a few more days. "

Molly smiled helplessly. Everyone thought that she and Walter would stay there for a few more days.

She thought so too.

But even if she was smart enough, he still couldn't resist the temptation of Shelly's good figure.

Molly was completely defeated by the hot figure of Shelly and the endless desire of Walter.

She just shrugged her shoulders and pretended to be relaxed. "I felt bored staying there, so I came back ahead of time. By the way, has Shelly come to the company these days?"

After Molly came back, his first task was to deal with Shelly and Walter.

Greyson shook his head and said, "No. But I think she's in the company today."

Molly couldn't help frowning. She didn't come to the company before, why did she go to the company when Walter came back today?

It seemed that the two had already passed the interview.

Molly lowered her head and remained silent. She was wondering whether the materials and analysis data of those training teachers were convincing.

What she wanted to persuade was not Walter. Walter, who was trying his best to help the mistress.


s. "

Shelly knew all these, so she was very excited and grateful.

Sitting directly on Walter's lap, Shelly put her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear in a soft voice, "You are the best. I know you won't leave me alone. I have suffered a lot from your wife, but what you have done today makes me feel that all my grievances are worth it. "

Of course, it was worth it. As a hostess of the nightclub, Walter could make her debut in just a few months!

This was the biggest entertainment company in the country, not a small company of the eighteen tier artists!

Once she started her career in this company, even a statement would cause a great uproar.

Once she started her career, she would become famous!

Walter was pleased by her words. He took out a few plays and threw them to her, "pick whatever you like. Tell me which one do you want to play?"

Walter had given all the resources to Shelly, and she could choose the script first.

Shelly picked up a few scripts and read them. She was scared to tremble. "Director David? Oh my God! Isn't he the director who won the golden ball award? "

That's right. David is a famous international director, and his works have won big awards at international film festivals.

"I've read the script and it will surely be a big hit. Why don't you take this play first. The fourth female character also has a lot of opportunities."

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