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   Chapter 183 Asking for It

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Walter knew that Molly didn't want to see him now, so he said good night to Fiona and hurried upstairs to have a rest.

After Molly came out of the bathroom, Fiona told her frankly, "your husband has come back, but he has gone upstairs to sleep."

After calming down, Molly just nodded indifferently. Then she entered the guest room with Fiona, with snacks and juice in her arms.

The two watched the movie while thinking about how to go on in the future.

Both Molly and Fiona faced the same problem.

If your husband let you down again and again, do you still have expectations for him?

Molly and Fiona didn't get married until they got along with their husbands for many years. They had a solid emotional foundation.

Fiona knew that the problem between the two was their children, so she still didn't want to give up her husband.

And Molly's knot was also in the child, because Amy wanted a complete family, so she was still struggling in this marriage.

"When are you going to have an abortion? Since you have to have an abortion, you'd better go as soon as possible, then you'll be free."

Although Fiona had never been pregnant before, she could understand the feelings of Molly more since she adopted Alice.

No mother was willing to have an abortion.

It seemed that Molly was looking for a glimmer of hope for her and thinking that there might be a miracle.

"Although Gerry asked me to have an abortion from the very beginning. He also said that as long as I was cured, I could still have a child. But she couldn't keep the baby now. But Gerry's girlfriend was an expert, and her father was an authority in this field. I think maybe there is still hope, or maybe Rena's father can save me. "

She didn't want the baby to be sentenced to death so soon. She wanted to wait and see if there was still hope after Rena came back.

Seeing that Molly was so sad, Fiona couldn't bear to talk about this topic anymore.

She patted Molly on the shoulder, pretending to be relaxed. Then she began to gossip about the relationship between Gerry and Rena. "When will Gerry get married? I thought he would only love you in his life. So people will change, and everything

"Okay, I'll drive the kid to the baby-sitter's home. After work, I'll go to pick up Amy and Alice with you."

Molly nodded. The two called a taxi at the intersection and drove towards their respective companies.

After entering the company, Molly found that all the employees were whispering.

She pricked up her ears and listened carefully, as if she had heard the name of Shelly.

It turned out that the news that Shelly was going to show up had been spread in the company.

Molly calmly entered the elevator. As soon as she pressed the floor number, she found that Shelly was walking towards her.

Knowing that she would take this elevator, Molly directly pressed the button to close the elevator door.

The elevator door slowly closed. Molly clearly saw how distorted and angry Shelly's face was.

She ran fast for a few steps, but failed to catch up with the elevator. She could only watch the gate merge into a line, and watch Molly's cold and calm face disappear in front of her.

She couldn't help cursing in her heart.

Molly closed the door on purpose to prevent her from entering the elevator.

There were still many people waiting for the elevator in the morning. Obviously, what happened just now had embarrassed Shelly in front of the public.

Everyone knew that Molly didn't allow her to enter the elevator on purpose, but Shelly deserved it. She seduced Mr. Walter and tried to use him to replace her.

She asked for it.

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