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   Chapter 182 Baby, I Miss You

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It was already seven o'clock in the evening when Walter got off the plane. He called Shelly first after getting on the taxi.

Knowing that she had been wronged these days, he should at least balance the mood of the mistress.

"I'm back."

The four simple words shocked Shelly.

He's back?

She saw the three of them on the front page of the newspaper in the daytime showing off their love. Why did they come back at night?

Shelly asked in confusion, "what's wrong? Did you quarrel with your wife? "

How could a smart woman like Molly quarrel with her husband?

Walter kept silent for a few seconds and then coaxed her, "my wife and I love each other so much. How could we quarrel? I came back for you. "

Although he was indeed in a cold war with Molly, he came back early this time for the sake of Shelly.

He is sincere. Will Shelly cause him any trouble in the future?

His request was very simple. As long as this woman was absolutely obedient to him, he would definitely find a way to make her famous.

Walter's words flattered Shelly.

Would Walter, who had always been cold to her, come back ahead of time for her?

Raising her eyebrows, Shelly asked in an ambiguous tone, "for me? What are you doing for me? "

"For your debut, of course! I will make you a popular actress as soon as possible. I'll make you famous."

Walter's sweet words cheered Shelly up.

It seemed that she was capable of doing it.

Walter looked at the time and found that Molly and Amy might have fallen asleep.

Anyway, he and Molly were in a cold war. If he went back so early, he had to face Molly's cold face. So he might as well go to Shelly to solve his physiological problem. It wouldn't take him more than an hour.

Molly wouldn't notice anything if he went home later.

"Baby, I miss you. I'm going to your place now."

Such sweet words were touching, but Shelly suddenly thought of what Vera had said to her.

She couldn't do those things with him too f

things openly, but Walter, dressed like a gentleman, was doing scum business.

Fiona was completely disgusted by him.

No wonder Molly was so painful, because Walter was no longer the man he used to be.

Everyone would change!

"You are really something. Remember what I said. If you don't cherish it now, you will regret one day."

This was the last advice that Fiona gave him. If he continued to do that, Molly would not easily let him go.

Didn't Walter know how smart and powerful Molly was?

Does he really think that Molly is just a canary in a cage and has no attacking ability at all?

Then he was totally wrong.

Walter knew what Fiona meant. He looked at her sincerely and promised, "Don't worry. Give me some time to deal with these things. After Molly gives birth to the baby, we will still be the happiest family of four. "

Walter had planned it for nine months. Nine months later, he broke up with Shelly.

By that time, Molly would have a son. He didn't need to rely on Shelly to vent his desire.

At that time, he would come back to Molly. According to the plan, Shelly would also become an A-lister star after September.

She has what she wants, and she shouldn't be sticking to him.

Walter never imagined that nine months later, would he still be able to get rid of the woman?

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