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   Chapter 181 Feeling the Same Way

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After all, her mother-in-law was her mother-in-law. In this world, there was a good relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, but Fiona knew that her mother-in-law would never be kind to her.

If one day her mother-in-law would treat her as a precious daughter, there was only one possibility.

Unless she was pregnant with a boy!

Now, not only is she unable to conceive a child, but she has adopted a child from an orphanage who has no blood relationship with her family. Her mother-in-law naturally doesn't like her.

Fiona worked very hard every day. It was rare for her to rest at home on weekends. Did she have to personally prepare dinner?

Fiona ignored her mother-in-law's nagging and walked out with her daughter in her arms.

"Can you just ignore me now?"

Her mother-in-law suddenly raised her voice, which scared the baby in Fiona's arms to cry.

Fiona got angry in an instant, but after all, her mother-in-law was an elder, so she still reminded her in a low voice, "Mom! I work very hard every day. Can't I have a rest today? And your son! You don't take care of your son all day long. Can you stop staring at me and making trouble for me? I'm going to live in Molly's house these days. You can solve three meals a day by yourself. "

After saying that, Fiona pushed the door open and left without looking back.

Since her mother-in-law didn't know how to care about her daughter-in-law, why did she have to work so hard for this family?

After Fiona had a daughter, her thoughts were completely different.

Now she was trying to live her life for her daughter.

It was already five o'clock in the evening when Molly arrived home. She didn't want to cook, so she ordered take out.

There were Amy's favorite pizza and fried chicken, although she still wanted to order a few bottles of beer to relieve her worries.

However, Rena's cold face appeared in her mind. Thinking of the expression when she looked at her sharply, Molly couldn't help trembling.

Forget it. After Rena came back, she would be her attending doctor.

She'd better listen to Rena and take good care of herself.

Without wine, Molly asked a near

stand him. I know he will be stressed out in front of his parents without a child. Wasn't the adopted child a child? I thought there was a child at home to ease the atmosphere, but... My husband and parents in law don't welcome this child."

The reason why she stayed was that her mother-in-law had heard that people adopt children might also be pregnant with their own children.

If it was of no use to her, how could she leave a stranger at home eating and drinking for nothing?

Moreover, milk powder for children was the most expensive.

Molly patted Fiona's back lovingly, "the unfortunate people have their own misfortunes. Although Jonny fooled around with those women every day to paralyze himself. But he didn't do that with those women. He didn't betray you physically. But having no child is indeed a difficult obstacle to overcome. "

Molly had a child, but her husband was greedy for other women's body. Although Jonny didn't really betray Fiona, it was also a problem that Fiona couldn't get pregnant these years.

Perhaps every family had their own problems to solve.

Fiona shook her head. "Forget it. I'm just letting nature take its course now. If my belly doesn't work, do I have to cut it open and force it to have a baby? As for you, didn't you say that you would stay a few more days? Why did you come back so soon? Is Shelly bothering you again?"

It seemed that Fiona was going to beat that woman up in person.

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