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   Chapter 180 the Cold War Escalated

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After getting up, Molly made breakfast for Amy.

Yesterday, she was too sad and cried all night, so did the baby.

When Molly got up in the morning, she found that Amy's eyes were swollen.

The emotional outburst of the child made Molly more resentful of Walter.

She didn't say a word to Walter the whole morning.

After taking a shower, Molly asked Amy to sit on the sofa in the living room to watch peppa pig, while she went to the bedroom to pack up her things.

Molly didn't put any newly bought clothes into the suitcase.

She knew that those clothes were bought for Shelly. She got angry when she saw them. How could she take them back?

Seeing that she was too tired alone, Walter also wanted to help her tidy up.

"You're too tired. Let me do it."

Walter came over and wanted to put the clothes in the trunk, but Molly grabbed the clothes from his hand with all her strength.

She still bit her lower lip and refused to speak to him.

If it was because of Greyson that the two of them stared of the cold war the night before yesterday, then the cold war had escalated this time.

Molly really didn't want to talk to him at all.

In order not to affect her daughter's mood, Molly endured him all the time.

Walter had no choice. Molly had always been like this.

"It's my fault. I will spare some time to accompany you and Amy next time, okay?"

Walter squatted down and whispered to Molly.

But Walter forgot that not all women would buy it.

Sweet words didn't work every time.

Molly glanced at him coldly and continued to pack her luggage.

When Walter saw the row of clothes in the wardrobe, he immediately thought of how to please her.

Walter stood up and took off the clothes from the hanger. He shook them in front of Molly and said, "Honey, why don't you put these clothes into the suitcase? I chose it for you. "

Women like gifts, don't they?

As long as he said that it was his own choice to give it to her, Molly would be moved?

But Molly just sneered at it.

She looked at Walter just to see a monkey playing with himself.

Did he

iona's marriage was also unfortunate. Molly couldn't understand Fiona before, but now she felt the same way.

Scum might not be the same, but they had one common characteristic that they were all scums.

Molly sighed, gently stroked Amy's face with one hand and invited Fiona to stay at home for a few days. "Since your mother-in-law has been nagging you, why don't you take the child to my home for a few days? I miss you so much these days. "

Molly was full of grievances and no one to tell.

Although Greyson was her good friend, she still wanted to tell her bestie about it.

Hearing that Molly invited her to stay at her house for a few days, Fiona was confused. "How can I go to your house? Aren't you in the branch office with your husband? "

Speaking of this, Molly was even more depressed. "We're back. Come to my house. We'll talk about it later."

Fiona immediately guessed that it must have something to do with that damn woman, Shelly.

"Okay, I'll take my daughter to your home after packing up."

After hanging up the phone, Fiona immediately put the milk bottle and milk powder into her bag. Now that she had adopted her daughter, she had to take a big bag with her wherever she went, which was filled with what the child needed.

Seeing her leaving, her mother in law pinched her waist and asked her unhappily, "where are you going again? Have you cooked dinner? "

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