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   Chapter 179 I Don't Need to Beg Her

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Shelly's mother felt sorry for her daughter, so she went to the supermarket and bought black chicken to make chicken soup for her.

When she got home, she found that Shelly had already come back.

She looked much better than she looked in the morning, but she was still a little haggard.

"What did the doctor say? Are you okay? "

Her mother's worry was a burden to her. Shelly nodded in a low voice and said, "I'm fine. I just need to eat more vegetables and fruits to adjust my rest time."

But what Vera said was a big blow to her.

If she was really arranged to make a debut, she might have to stay up late often to shoot.

Could she bear it or not?

"The doctor is right. You should take good care of yourself. Since you want to keep the baby, you should take good care of yourself. Then Mr. Walter should at least cherish you. I'll make you some chicken soup. "

Shelly's mother went to the kitchen with shopping bags. Shelly wanted to have coffee, but she held it back at the doctor's advice.

For the sake of her future, she had to find a better way to retain Walter.

What's the use of making him cling to her own body?

Shelly admired Molly a little.

As long as the woman dared to say something, Walter would fly to her in an instant.

It was better to keep his heart than keep his body!

Shelly's mother was busy in the kitchen. The dishes were ready and the chicken soup was stewed in the pot.

In her spare time, she took out her phone to watch the news to kill time.

After all, her daughter wants to enter this industry, and she had formed a habit of taking out her mobile phone and reading entertainment news whenever she had time.

Although her daughter had hit the front page of the entertainment page a few days ago, it was all her negative news.

If one day she could see her daughter's positive news on the news, as a mother, she would be happy for her child from the bottom of her heart.

Her index finger quickly slid across the screen. On the front page of the entertainment page, it was not her daughter, Shelly, but her dau

to spend the rest of our lives. "

Was she satisfied with this?

Shelly sneered, "Millions? Mom, are you kidding me? Do you know how much the car Walter bought for me before? A car costs millions! Well, you don't have to talk about these things with me here. I don't want to live such a miserable life. I don't need to beg Molly to make a debut. Just wait and see. You can see your daughter on TV soon. "

Shelly even thought that she should ask Walter to get her an advertising job first.

It would be better if it was a well-known makeup brand and clothing brand.

If she accepted more endorsements, she could earn more money, and on the other hand, she could quickly accumulate fame.

She was dubious about her daughter's words.

She was afraid that in the end, her daughter would not only offend Molly, but also be completely abandoned by Walter.

She was afraid that she would lose everything.

"Okay, okay. Go and check if the chicken soup is ready? My primary task now is to take good care of the fetus. Buy me some tonics these days. "

It was rare for Shelly to take good care of her own health. She had probably thought that if she lost her child, there would be no chance for her to fight against Molly.

At that time, Shelly had no idea that the baby in Molly's belly could not be saved.

If she had known this, she would have threatened with her child!

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