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   Chapter 178 I Need Your Cooperation

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After talking with Greyson on the phone, Gerry's heart seemed to be heavier.

He couldn't go back for the time being, and it would take another half a month to return to see Molly.

Gerry was burning with anxiety, but others couldn't understand his feelings.

He had just disposed of the house he bought here yesterday, so he could only live in a hotel now.

When he was thinking about going to the convenience store to buy something to eat later, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Not surprised at all, Gerry stood up calmly to open the door.

No one could come to him except for Rena.

Rena entered the room and looked around, the interior decoration of the hotel was good, but living here was definitely not more comfortable than living at home.

It would take them more than 20 days to finish their work here and go back.

She couldn't let Gerry stay in the hotel for the next more than 20 days, could she?

Rena opened the closet to help him pack, "Go to my house. My parents want you to live with them."

As soon as Rena took a piece of clothes from the hanger and put it into the suitcase, Gerry grabbed the suitcase.

"Thank you for your parents' kindness, but I feel comfortable living here. I can stay here for the time being. "

Rena frowned. She knew that Gerry was stubborn, but her parents had already suspected her.

"Gerry, can't you cooperate with me? I don't want to force you to be my boyfriend. But you have to act with me in front of my parents. They don't know that we two have broken up. If my father knows that we two have broken up, do you think he will fly back to the country to cure Molly? "

Rena really wanted to help Gerry, she was afraid that he would be stubborn at this time.

Gerry looked embarrassed.

It was difficult for him to show off his love with a woman he didn't love.

He was not good at acting in front of the elders, and he didn't know if he could hide it from them.

"But I really don't want to lie to your parents. They are good people. If I lie to them, I'm afraid they will be sad."

Indeed, Rena's parent


"But Gerry's family is not bad. His father runs a large-scale hospital. I'll have a talk with the kids in a few days. "

The two kids were about to leave, which upset them.

In the room upstairs, Rena was calm and relaxed. "My father may put pressure on you in a few days, but he is very easy-going. It's my mother. "

Rena frowned in embarrassment, her mother was also stubborn.

It seemed that she had to work harder on her mother.

Gerry gave Rena a little "um", and he was sorry to bother Rena.

Looking at the depressed Gerry, Rena suddenly asked, "if Molly is not sick, you will still be with me and marry me, won't you?"

Gerry was stunned?

He guesses so?

"Well, it should be like this."

If Molly hadn't been sick and his father hadn't contacted him to return home, Gerry wouldn't have rekindled his relationship with Molly if he hadn't seen her.

Maybe he would stay in America for the rest of his life, marry a woman who had no feelings for her, and start his own family.

Or he might do something in the United States and climb up step by step.

But there are not so many assumptions in life.

Rena knew this, it might be fate.

But she just didn't want to accept her fate.

"Well, you can sleep for a while. I'll wake you up at dinner."

Rena left the room and gently closed the door.

With that answer, she became more confident.

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