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   Chapter 177 Let Him Be Gentle To You

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Shelly had been depressed since she was driven back by Walter that night.

On the one hand, she was unwilling to admit defeat, and on the other hand, it was because of her own body.

This morning, when she got up, she felt uncomfortable all over her body and her face was pale.

Shelly's mother had just prepared breakfast. When she was about to ask Shelly to have breakfast in the dining room, she found that she was so weak lying on the sofa.

Shelly's mother broke out in a cold sweat.

"What's wrong with you, honey? Do you feel uncomfortable? "

It was no wonder that she could recover after being tortured by Walter these days.

She shook her head, not wanting her mother to be shocked. "I'm fine. I'll go to the hospital later."

She thought that she needed to go to the hospital to check if there was something wrong.

Walter had promised her to arrange her debut as soon as possible, and she must keep her baby.

So she didn't allow anything bad to happen to her body.

One of Shelly's classmates worked in the hospital and was an obstetrician.

She decided to ask that classmate for examination.

Although she hadn't made her debut yet, she had been on the front page for several times. She didn't want to be photographed by the paparazzi when she went to the hospital for examination.

Shelly's mother helped her to sit down in the dining room and ate something. Eating some food made her feel much better.

After breakfast, Shelly sent a message to her classmate who was a doctor, telling her that she would arrive at the hospital in half an hour.

She insisted on herself. She would didn't want to listen to her mother's nagging.

After all, Shelly was pregnant and had a short temper.

She hated nagging.

Shelly's mother was still worried. Although she couldn't go to the hospital with her daughter, she stubbornly sent her daughter to the community downstairs. She didn't turn back until she saw her daughter get on a taxi and leave.

The thought of her daughter made her heart ache.

'My daughter was so beautiful, but she had to squeeze into the upper class in this way.

Her father hadn't forgi

ack, Ashley was so angry that she hid in her office and cried the whole morning.

However, it didn't matter to Peter. Anyway, he was Greyson's assistant and he could go wherever his boss went. Besides, the environment here was good and he lived comfortably.

In the afternoon, Greyson received a call from Gerry from the United States.

His missing for Molly couldn't be conveyed to Molly. After all, Molly had always been by her husband's side.

So if Gerry wanted to know how Molly was doing, he had to call Greyson.

"Hasn't Molly come back yet?"

Speaking of Molly, Greyson was a little disappointed. He said in a low voice, "Yes, she didn't come back. He guessed that she and her husband were displaying their affection. I just saw the news photos. Molly, Amy and her husband, the three of them, are playing by the sea. It looks good. "

That's good. They have done so much just because they want Molly to be really happy.

Gerry was silent. He didn't want Molly to cry because of Walter, nor did he want to hear the news that she and Walter were in love.

But he was more worried that Molly's body could not withstand it.

"It may take me some time. I can't go back with Rena until a month later. There is something wrong with the resignation procedure here. "

It took a long time to complete the resignation procedures, and Rena's parents couldn't understand why she had to go back to develop her career.

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