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   Chapter 120 How Happy Is He

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Greyson pulled over.

The three of them went to a fast food restaurant at the corner of the street.

Greyson ordered pizza and Italy noodles. Amy was the happiest one.

Amy was a good girl. She didn't need Molly's help to take care of her.

While eating the spaghetti in the plate, Molly talked about Gerry with Greyson with a heavy heart.

"Greyson, you and Gerry are good friends. Please help me persuade him to leave here and go back to America with you as soon as possible. "

Molly's request confused Greyson.

Whether Gerry stayed here or went back to America was his personal freedom. Greyson had no right to interfere or persuade him to go back to America with him.

Seeing that Greyson kept a straight face, Molly had no choice but to speak out her thoughts. "Gerry made an impulsive decision. He should develop well in America hospital with good benefits, and the most important thing is that Rena is in America. I don't want him to waste time. He should marry Rena and live a good life. "

From the beginning to the end, Molly did not speak out her illness.

She didn't tell him that Gerry had a crush on her since childhood.

What was the point of saying this to Greyson?

In particular, Greyson was going back to the United States. Molly didn't want to expose her illness to the public, which would cause any trouble to Greyson.

Molly was right. However, Greyson didn't think that Gerry was impulsive.

There must be a reason for him to stay here, but what was the reason? Greyson had no idea.

But since Molly cared about Gerry so much, Greyson nodded and promised her that he would personally persuade Gerry to go back to the United States with him.

Greyson just wanted to persuade Gerry to stay here. As a good friend, he would only support him.

Molly nodded with a smile, but she had a heavy burden in her heart.

On the one hand, Gerry's stubbornness made her headache; on the other hand, her husband Walter...

All his behaviors were abnormal, which made Molly, who had no sense of security, even more uneasy.

She really wanted to put

ut hesitation, Amy nodded and said, "Okay, Mommy."

Molly kissed Amy on the forehead and watched her fall asleep before leaving her room.

There were still ten minutes and ten o'clock. Molly couldn't fall asleep, so she went downstairs to the living room. She sat on the sofa and waited patiently for Walter to come back.

However, this big villa was particularly quiet at night, which made Molly unconsciously feel a little cold with her arms folded tightly.

It was hard to imagine that she would divorce Walter and live alone in this big villa.

It was too lonely to be alone.

She would also feel lonely and afraid.

After a while, some sounds came from the yard.

Subconsciously, Molly looked out through the French window in the living room. The light of the car had just gone out. It seemed that Walter was finally willing to come back.

Molly didn't get up. She still sat on the sofa, waiting for him to come in.

Walter hurriedly took off his shoes and entered the living room. Seeing that Molly was still on the sofa, he felt guilty.

"Molly, why don't you go to bed at this late hour?"

Molly's expression was a little stiff, but she still raised a smile. "You asked me to wait for you to come back. You said you would come back soon. I didn't expect you to stay here for five hours. "

How happy was he? He stayed outside for five hours before coming back?

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