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   Chapter 114 I Won't Have another Baby

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It seemed that her mother-in-law was going to fight her to the end today.

Amy felt wronged. Her Mommy had cooked so many delicious food for her today.

In particular, she wanted to eat pot pork most, but before she had a piece, the good dinner was ruined because her grandmother kept making trouble for her mother.

Amy pouted and glared at Lucy, "I don't like Grandma anymore. I want to go home."

Every time the child's attitude towards her made Lucy even angrier.

Trembling, she pointed at Molly and blamed her, "look at Amy's attitude! She has been with you since she was a child. How did you educate her? How can you teach a child to be so rude? "

It was okay to blame her, but she didn't expect that Lucy would mention the child now.

Molly smiled coldly. She was not as humble as before. She looked up at Lucy and explained for her daughter in a neither humble nor pushy way, "mother, don't involve our children in our affairs. Amy has always been polite. She respects the old and cherishes the young. It's you who have always been aggressive. Amy is just telling you her true feelings."

Lucy suddenly turned to look at Molly and at the baby in her arms.

Lucy pointed at the child unwillingly and said, "you little ungrateful girl. I've been nice to you in vain! What's the use of raising a girl? It was said that if a girl grew up and got married, she would not be a member of this family. You haven't grown up yet, but you still treat me like this. I don't know how you treat me as your grandma when you grow up. "

Molly could bear her mother-in-law's evil words, but she couldn't bear her to say such words in front of Amy.

What's the use of raising a girl?

What did she mean by saying that they would not be a family after they grew up and got married?

Molly knew that her mother-in-law preferred boys to girls, but she thought she was different from those in the feudal families because she loved Amy very much.

Now it seemed that most of the mother-in-law were the same.

Molly said in a fit of pique, "since you don't like girls so much, I'll leave with Amy first. I won't g

recently. No matter what she thinks, it doesn't mean that I have the same thought. "

Walter was telling the truth. He had always been grateful to his father-in-law for giving him this opportunity.

Moreover, the fact that his father-in-law was willing to give all the industries to him was enough to prove how much he and Molly trusted him.

Walter knew that he was the real winner in his life. He married a woman like Molly, he get such a family fortune easily. What could he complain about?

Walter's words finally made Molly feel better. She leaned on Walter's shoulder wearily and looked at her sleeping daughter in her arms. She really didn't want the atmosphere at home to be like this all the time.

She whispered, "honey, you'd better deal with mom."

She couldn't deal with the conflicts between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Walter should deal with it.

In a single apartment in the city center, Shelly received a call from Walter's mother as soon as she lay down.

As soon as the phone was connected, Lucy poured bitterness into her. "Shelly, I was really pissed off by my daughter-in-law just now. Did you say that Walter would have to see my daughter-in-law's face when he finished his work in the company? Don't say Walter. She'll be angry with me at home. "

Walter's mother's complaint made Shelly happy. It seemed that she had succeeded in sow dissension between them.

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