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   Chapter 109 Gaunt

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Maybe this night was not enough for others.

But for Molly, it was crazy.

She remembered that she had been crying since she came back home. She couldn't remember how long she had cried.

It seemed that Fiona had been holding her and gently patting her on the back.

That night, Molly slept in tears and Fiona's comfort.

She didn't wake up until noon the next day.

After drinking so much wine and crying for the whole night yesterday, Molly woke up in a very bad state.

The first sensitive thing was her brain. As soon as she opened her eyes, she felt a headache as if it was going to explode.

Secondly, her eyes were dull. She could even feel that her eyes were swollen.

Her mouth was dry and her stomach was uncomfortable.

So she really couldn't drink too much.

When Fiona saw her wake up, she immediately fetched a basin of warm water from the bathroom.

"You, you almost drove me crazy last night."

As Fiona talked to Molly about what happened last night, she soaked the towel with warm water and patiently wiped Molly's face and hands.

"Did Greyson drive us back last night?"

Fiona nodded and said, "Yes, you were indeed abnormal last night. You ate and drank crazily and didn't get drunk no matter how hard you tried. But you got drunk when you were about to go home. "

Molly recalled what happened last night. It seemed so.

Because she really couldn't remember what happened when she left the studio.

Fiona continued, "Gerry went back to the hospital. He also told me to take good care of you. Last night, when Greyson saw you crying, he even took photos of you with his phone. That guy is a real photo junkie."

Molly and Fiona didn't know what was on Greyson's mind. He just felt heartbroken when he saw Molly holding Fiona and crying. So he took out his phone and took a photo of her.

Maybe he just wanted to record every moment of her.

Molly patted herself on the cheek and asked, "what time is it now?"

She finally came to her senses.

After Walter's business trip, they had made an appointment to pick up Amy at her mother-in-law's home.

Fiona looked at the clock on the wall and asked, "It's already half past twelve. Do you

was a servant at home who answered the phone. She said politely, "please wait a moment, Mrs. Molly."

At this time, Walter's mother just welcomed an important guest.

Seeing that Shelly was drinking coffee there, the servant immediately came over and whispered, "Mrs. Lucy, it's Mrs. Molly."

When Shelly heard that it was Molly calling, she was shocked and almost dropped the coffee cup in her hand to the ground.

Lucy didn't think of the strong reaction of Shelly. She just glanced at Shelly and took the extension from the servant.

"What's wrong?"

Her mother-in-law's tone was not good, so Molly had to bite the bullet and said, "Mother, I will arrive at your place in about an hour. Walter will go to your place directly after he get off the plane. "

Lucy just replied in an unfriendly tone, "yes." Then she hung up the phone.

Molly had guessed the old woman's attitude.

Forget it. Her mother-in-law had always been like this, and Molly didn't take it seriously.

After the Lucy hung up the phone, Shelly asked Lucy tentatively, "is it from the vice president?"

Lucy nodded and said, "Yes, my daughter-in-law will come later. Today was a family gathering. Walter will come back home after the business trip. "

Shelly knew that Molly and Walter would come, so she couldn't stay here either.

Shelly stood up in panic and explained, "since the vice president is coming, I'll go first."

She would never let Molly see her here!

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