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   Chapter 108 I Beg You, Molly, Don't Do This

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Gerry was worried, he insisted, "Molly, I promise I won't love you anymore. Why do you still want me to go back? I've told you that it's none of your business. Do you know Rena? How can you be sure that I am the right person for Rena? We are both adults. Can you be more rational? "

Molly shook his head in pain, "I'm rational? How can I be rational? Do you know how guilty I was when you left seven years ago and refused to call me back? Every time I see your parents, I think it's me who made you leave them. It's me who made you go abroad to live alone. Every time I think of you, my heart will ache! "

No one knew how much pressure she had been under in those days. Every time her classmates gathered, they would ask her how Gerry was doing and how he was living now.

He was the heir of the hospital, and he could stay with his parents.

If he hadn't been hurt in love, he would have gone abroad and disappeared?

The light in Gerry's eyes dimmed. At that time, he just wanted to escape the fact that Molly had become another man's bride, so he left this place alone, which made him sad.

But he didn't expect that his sudden departure would cause such a big harm to Molly.

Gerry helplessly put his arm around Molly's shoulder and felt her sobbing in his arms.

He felt dejected.

The person he wanted to protect the most was now deeply hurt by him.

But he really couldn't leave. There was indeed something wrong with Molly's blood test.

Because of the low blood purification and the decreased blood platelets, she had been sent to the hospital for treatment because of the wound on her arm.

All kinds of signs could prove that Molly was diagnosed with leukemia, but it was very complicated. If Gerry didn't do a specific test, he couldn't be sure which kind of leukemia she was suffering from.

Acute leukemia? Or chronic leukemia?

Recently, Molly not only had anemia, but also had a low fever. Although she was able to hold on and did not tell her family that she had been secretly using medicine, i

In fact, she had been optimistic these days and had expectations for the future.

But now, it seemed that she was punched in the face, which made her realize the cruelty of the reality.

There was no filial son in front of the sickbed for a long time. Would her husband and family really not leave her?

Greyson kept looking at Molly, who was sitting there with her hands on her knees and staring blankly into the distance.

He really wanted to go over and ask her what she was thinking?

Why did she look at him like that again?

Why did he feel that she had become a puppet doll without any vitality?

At midnight, Molly suddenly wanted to go home. She missed her bed very much.

She just wanted to have a good sleep.

"Fiona, I want to go home."

Fiona had always been accommodating to Molly. If she wanted to go home, then go home.

"Okay, I'll drive you home."

Fiona began to pack up and put Molly's coat on her.

It was late at night and the temperature dropped a few degrees. Fiona was afraid that Molly couldn't withstand the cold wind.

Greyson also took off his coat and covered it on Molly.

He was worried about the two women.

"I'll drive you home."

Since Molly wanted to go home, Gerry had no reason to stay here.

"I'm going back to the hospital."

Therefore, the agreed crazy night ended in this way.

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