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   Chapter 107 I Can't Destroy Him

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After a long separation, Fiona and Gerry hugged each other tightly.

After a long time, Fiona pointed at the balcony with excitement. "Molly and the photographer are both on the balcony. Molly has been waiting for you for a long time."

Gerry smiled at Fiona and then walked quickly to the terrace.

Fiona looked at Gerry, who became more mature and masculine in the past seven years.

Especially her starry eyes, which were too warm and shiny.

Fiona couldn't help but wonder what would happen if Molly had chosen to be with Gerry instead of Walter?

Fiona didn't know how Walter would react when he knew that Molly couldn't keep the baby.


If it were Gerry, he would definitely not care about this. He would coax Molly gently to comfort her emotions and take care of her feelings.

In the face of sick Molly, Gerry would definitely stay by her side all the time.

Unfortunately, in other people's eyes, Molly and Gerry were the most suitable couple, and others thought that Molly should marry Gerry.

But Molly chose Walter.

Love was a thing that one had to be touched by. What's the use of other people finding Gerry suitable?

For example, when Molly chose Walter, Fiona had asked Molly this question.

Fiona still remembered Molly's answer. She had said that she grew up with Gerry, maybe because they were too familiar with each other.

She only felt the warmth of a family to Gerry, but she didn't have the feeling of a lover.

What's the point of Gerry being good and handsome if she doesn't?

Looking at Molly with soft eyes and seeing that she had drunk so much, Gerry frowned and stopped her angrily, "Why are you so disobedient? Do you think you can drink this kind of wine due to your poor health? "

Seeing that it was Gerry, Molly chuckled and patted him on the face. "It's Gerry. Don't be so serious every time you see me, okay? Just smile. "

Molly tried to pull the corners of Gerry's mouth.

Greyson was shocked.

Gerry's face was almost deformed by Molly, but Gerry st

He could only nod and admit, "I did break up with Rena, but not because of you."

Gerry could only lie to Molly. He knew what Molly was thinking.

If she knew that it was because of her that Rena broke up with him, she would definitely feel guilty and painful.

He did know Molly very well.

All of a sudden, Molly let go of Gerry, lowered her head and murmured to herself, "It's all because of me. If I'm not sick, you won't come back to help me. If you didn't come back, you wouldn't break up with Rena. It's because of me. Don't lie to me anymore, okay? "

Did he think she was a fool?

They had been in love for so many years and they had reached the point of getting married. If it wasn't because of her that they broke up. What else could it be?

Was it because they didn't get along well with each other?

Was it because of the family background?

That was impossible.

Molly calmed down and said firmly, "get ready for these days. Go back to the United States as soon as possible. You are not the only doctor in China. Other doctors can also treat me. I don't need you to stay here. "

Seven years ago, Molly broke his heart and made him stay abroad for seven years.

Seven years later, she didn't want Gerry to give up everything because of her.

Love, career, everything he had, she couldn't just destroy him like this.

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