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   Chapter 106 Who Is The Man Beside Her

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Gerry wouldn't be here until a little later, so Molly and Fiona helped to cook the food.

An hour later, the three of them gathered at the small dining table outside the terrace, enjoying the night view and eating the rich food on the table.

Molly picked up a hamburger and ate it.

It turned out that when people were extremely sad, food could really heal their wounded hearts.

Molly felt that her empty heart was filled with food.

Of course, it was just a temporary feeling.

Molly opened a bottle of beer skillfully and drank it without pouring it into the quilt.

This scene was really familiar.

When Molly and Walter invited them to a dinner party in a hotel, Molly drank like this and even made herself unconscious.

It didn't matter that she drank so much. The point was that she was pregnant!

Greyson immediately reached out to grab the bottle from her hand. Molly didn't respond, but Fiona immediately stopped him.

"Hey, handsome man, don't stop her. You don't understand. Let her drink."

Even Fiona's attitude made Greyson speechless.

He whispered in Fiona's ear, "are you sure that pregnant women can drink like this? Isn't it possible for her to miscarry? "

Fiona just kept sighing and shaking her head. "Alas, she can't keep this baby. Sooner or later, she have to go to the hospital to have an abortion."

Fiona said quickly, but Greyson was shocked.

He had never known about this. He thought that the baby would be fine, how could it be unable to be saved?

When Greyson was about to ask more, Fiona patted her mouth regretfully and then whispered, "If you want to make Molly feel better, just pretend that you know nothing. Don't ask about it. Just put up with it. You will know it in the future. "

You will know it in the future?

He was going back to America next month. What was the use of knowing these at that time?

When he came back to the United States, he would know the ins and outs of the matter. Could he still help Molly?

Greyson wanted to ask, but he couldn't ask when he saw the sad look on Molly's f

I are at our classmate's home. The man is my classmate's husband. Can you stop talking nonsense? "

It occurred to Fiona that Molly didn't tell Walter that Greyson and Gerry were also there.

Although it was not a big deal and there was no need to hide it.

But Fiona was worried that Walter would misunderstand her because of jealousy.

Jonny still felt strange, but since Fiona said so, he didn't ask any more.

After a few words, Jonny turned off the video.

Fiona put down her phone and gasped.

It was so dangerous.

But even if Jonny saw something, he wouldn't be so childish as to complain to Walter?

Fiona went to the kitchen and poured a glass of ice water.

At this time, the doorbell rang, and Fiona rushed out at once.

It must be Gerry!

Sure enough, after opening the door, Gerry stood there with two big bags of snacks.

Fiona was so excited that she immediately rushed up and hugged him. "Oh, Gerry, long time no see. It's really a long time no see."

In the past, Fiona went to the hospital to visit Molly, but she didn't meet Gerry several times. He was too busy when he was in the hospital and Fiona didn't want to disturb his work.

She didn't expect to meet him today.

They had been good friends since childhood. Gerry patted on Fiona's back gently and said, "Fiona, you are still as lively as before. You haven't changed at all."

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