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   Chapter 104 Be Loyal To Your Family And Your Desire

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Walter was worried about Molly, so Molly had to use Fiona as an excuse, "don't worry, honey. Fiona will be with me tonight. Don't worry with me, okay?"

"Okay. Call me if you need anything."

Walter hung up the phone reluctantly, packed his luggage and was ready to go to the airport.

After hanging up the phone, Molly was very excited. She asked for Greyson's opinion and said, "Greyson, my husband is going out on a business trip today. It's rare for me to have a good rest. Do you mind if I ask Fiona and Gerry to go to your studio to have fun?"

Greyson wanted to have a romantic midnight date with Molly.

But after all, Molly was a married woman. It was easy to gossip when two people were alone together.

Greyson had no choice but to nod in agreement

"Okay, I'll go to the shelf over there to get more snacks and drinks."

Molly nodded. Seeing that Greyson was going to take something again with a shopping cart, she immediately called Fiona.

"Have fun out tonight?"

Fiona was drinking water. Hearing what Molly said, she was so shocked that she almost choked herself to death.

Fiona coughed for a long time before she came to her senses. "What did you say? Did I hear it wrong? How could a steady wife go out to have fun? Where are you going? bar? nightclub? Or shall we go to your house and watch a movie and have something to eat?"

Fiona knew Molly too well. Her personality was not too noisy.

The bar should be the limit.

"I've found a good place, Greyson's studio! Let's have fun in his studio tonight. "

Molly had to act like a spoiled child to Fiona in front of the phone.

Fiona had no choice but to accept her request.

"OK, send me the address on WeChat. I'll be there in an hour."

Fiona agreed readily, but Molly wanted to drink some beer.

She could only continue to beg Fiona, "Fiona, I want to drink some beer. Can you buy some for me?"

"You are pregnant. You still want to drink beer."

Fiona blurted out without thinking.

She regretted as soon


Molly frowned. A lazy woman?

Is there anyone who can describe a person like this?

Was she lazy or elegant?

Molly asked with hesitation, "don't you think it's contradictory to be lazy and elegant in these two words?"

The smile at the corners of Greyson's mouth became more and more obvious. He replied confidently, "women are always contradictory. You have different temperament, which proves that women are changeable. "

Greyson liked a changeable woman like Molly. She seemed to be calm and unchanged, but in fact, she would occasionally show her little personality.

Just like tonight, who would have thought that a good wife like her would go to other people's studio to have a crazy night when her husband was away on a business trip?

Greyson liked her like this. She was loyal to her family, and sometimes more loyal to her own thoughts and desires.

The topic shifted back to Rena.

"Women are usually changeable, sometimes obedient and lovely, and sometimes sexy and charming. But if it is Rena, it will really remain the same. "

For all these years, Rena had always been that kind of expression, always cold to people.

Even if she was facing Gerry, even if he was the man she loved most, her expression was still cold.

Maybe only Gerry could see the warmth hidden under her cold and beautiful face?

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