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   Chapter 102 Too Hard To Deal With

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Amy saw the driver from afar and waved at him excitedly.

However, when she saw the woman beside the driver, she looked at the teacher behind her in confusion.

The teacher also felt strange. She didn't know the person who came to pick up Amy today.

Although she didn't know that woman, she felt a little familiar.

The teacher of the kindergarten led Amy over. Amy called the driver in a sweet voice, "Uncle David."

The driver answered and reached out to touch Amy's head.

Amy looked at the woman in front of her curiously with her big eyes. Amy thought she was very beautiful.

In the eyes of Amy, this woman was indeed very beautiful, but Amy didn't like the strong perfume on her.

In order to make herself look friendly, Shelly squatted down and tried to cotton up to the child. "You are so beautiful. Amy Your father is so handsome and your mother is so beautiful. And you are also so beautiful. "

Shelly thought it would work.

However, only Lucy liked to hear others praise her, and Amy was not interested in it.

She nodded obediently, but seriously admitted, "Yeah, my mother is a princess and my father is a prince, so I am a fairy"

The serious look of Amy was really amusing. Such a cute child was naturally loved by everyone.

Shelly also liked her.

So she immediately took out the prepared gift for her.

"Amy, this is the gift I bought for you. Let me drive you home today, okay? "

Shelly stuffed the stuffed toys into the arms of Amy and handed the candies to her.

However, Amy became very vigilant. She took a step back secretly and then leaned against the teacher's arms.

"Amy, don't be afraid. I'm a good friend of your daddy and Mommy."

Shelly tried her best to clarify the relationship between her and her parents, but Amy didn't believe it.

Amy also put the candy bought by Shelly back into her bag.

"Thank you. But I can't take this candy. Mommy said that if I eat too much candy

be careful with every step.

Amy had been sitting on the other side of the car, keeping a certain distance from Shelly.

'This aunt was dressed too……' In Amy's eyes, this aunt was dressed too brilliantly.

She was even more shining than diamonds.

Besides, Amy really didn't like the smell on her body, and the faint jasmine scent on mother was the most comfortable.

At this moment, looking at Shelly in front of her, Amy suddenly missed Molly so much.

She decided to go home tomorrow.

Shelly couldn't figure out what was on Amy's mind, so she had to shut up.

At this moment, it was better not to say anything.

After returning to Lucy's house, Amy put down her schoolbag and ran to Lucy. She quietly and obediently leaned on Lucy's shoulder and asked in a sweet voice, "Grandma, who is that aunt?"

Seeing that Shelly didn't come back, Lucy asked in confusion, "Where is the aunt who picked you up?"

"She went home. Who is she, grandma?"

Walter's mother answered perfunctorily, "A friend of your daddy and Mommy."

Amy continued to ask, "What's the name of that aunt?"

Annoyed by the child's question, Lucy blurted out, "Call her Aunt Shelly from now on."

'Aunt Shelly', Amy has kept this name in mind. 'When I see daddy later, I must ask him who this aunt is.'

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