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   Chapter 101 Upstart temperament

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Shelly was invited by Walter's mother.

Walter's father was not at home. Lucy asked, "Where did he go? He can't stay idle all day long. "

The servant stood respectfully aside and answered in a low voice, "Mrs. Lucy, Mr. Walter went fishing with his friend."

Lucy nodded and ordered, "Get two glasses of juice."

The servant immediately went to the kitchen to prepare drinks and snacks.

Shelly helped Lucy sit down on the sofa.

She stole a glance at the villa when Lucy was not noticing.

The decoration was luxurious and luxurious, even more magnificent than the two villas Walter gave her before.

He was indeed from a rich family.

'If I could live in such a magnificent house, i must be as leisurely as Walter's mother.

If there was a chance, how could I still have to work hard in the entertainment circle?

I could get everything I wanted with a man.'

Soon, the servant brought juice and snacks to the two of them.

While drinking the juice, Lucy introduced, "Drink some juice and have some cakes. The juice is air freighted from abroad. It's very delicious. Have a try."

Sure enough, Walter's mother was a nouveau riche. No matter who she was, she couldn't help showing off.

Shelly smiled awkwardly and took a few sips of the juice. It was indeed delicious.

It might be more nutritious.

On the contrary, Shelly felt sorry for herself.

Other people lived in the villa, drinking imported juice and eating the best cakes every day, but what about herself?

She had been poor recently. Even if she was thirsty, she could only buy a bottle of water in the convenience store, let alone imported juice.

Thousands of dollars a month was not enough to support her and her mother's daily expenses.

She had been used to living a good life with Walter. She couldn't stand being poor all of a sudden.

Noticing that she kept silent, Lucy asked with concern, "Why are you so quiet all of a sudden? By the way, you said that you haven

ved between Walter and Molly.

Children were easy to be coaxed. On the way to the kindergarten, when she saw a shop on the roadside, she immediately stopped the driver and said, "Please stop the car."

The driver knew that this lady was Lucy's distinguished guest, so he didn't dare to neglect her.

The driver pulled over. Shelly got out of the car and headed for the shop.

She bought some candies and a fluffy toy.

'Children should like these things, right?'

These children's things were not cheap. The fluffy toy for the children alone cost more than 200 dollars.

Shelly had been short of money recently, but in order to live a rich life in the future, she had to buy it.

She hoped that the money was worth it.

Shelly returned to the car with the gift she bought for Amy.

The driver continued to drive forward.

About more than 10 minutes later, the car finally arrived at the kindergarten where Amy was.

Getting out of the car, she asked the driver, "Which one is Amy?"

The driver pointed at the door and said, "The one in a pink dress."

The driver liked Amy very much. She was sensible and got along well with the servants and the driver of Lucy.

As for Shelly, the driver always thought she was too warm-hearted that she had ulterior motives by approaching Lucy and Amy.

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