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Fiona was full of fighting spirit and wanted to be a good mother. She was still planning how to teach a child to be an upright and happy person.

However, what her mother-in-law said was indeed a basin of cold water.

The smile on Fiona's face froze, but Molly kept persuading her in a low voice, "forget it, Fiona. You know what kind of person your mother-in-law is. She is just like that. This is your child, and you don't need to care about other people's thoughts. "

Fiona nodded. Yes, Molly was right!

After going through the formalities with Jonny, Fiona left the welfare house with her daughter and Molly.

She didn't even look at her mother-in-law, nor did she pay attention to Jonny.

Such a cute little life, they even hid aside and refused to hug her to give her some warmth.

Fiona didn't expect her mother-in-law and husband to love her at home.

After sending Fiona to the taxi, Molly bent over and said to her, "now that you have a daughter, you should work harder and live a good life. Do you hear me?"

Fiona was so happy that her eyebrows and brows curved into a line.

But when she thought of her first time to raise a baby, she was still a little nervous. "Molly, although I have bought a lot of books about mother and child to learn how to raise a baby, I am still very nervous. I think I can change diapers or something like that. If I can't handle the child's fever, you must help me. "

Fiona couldn't count on her selfish mother-in-law.

Molly smiled and reached into the car through the window to touch the baby's face. "Don't worry. If you have any problem, just call me."

Fiona was finally relieved.

Her mother-in-law and Jonny also got on the taxi. Molly waved at them and walked to the subway station disappointedly after the car left.

Fiona was going to usher in a new life. That family might change a little.

Her mother-in-law was a cold-blooded person. She would change even if she was moved by the innocent and lovely child.

On the other hand, she was too painful to breathe at the thought that the baby in her belly was about to die.

For several times, she wanted to make up her mi

eyson frowned and said coldly, "get off the car!"

"Boss, you asked me to get off. I'll give the driver's seat to you. Why do you ask me to get off? Where am I going? "

Greyson shook his head and pointed to an empty seat on the side of the road. "Go there! Wait for a taxi there. "

It was until then that Peter realized what had happened.

"Boss, are you going to stand someone up again? No, boss, you've really changed recently. Who called you just now? Molly, right? Boss, I didn't mean to blame you. You used to be very dedicated, but now, you just say after you come back. How much work have you cancelled because of Molly? Your meeting with Mr. An was also delayed because of Molly. Why do you still delay your work for Molly? "

That magazine is not the most famous, but it has been in the ascendant recently and is one of the most promising fashion magazines.

The magazine had been founded for two years, but it had already had its own position in the fashion circle.

I don't think it's appropriate for him to offend them like this?

Noticing that he was too noisy, Greyson glared at him coldly and said in an indifferent voice, "Don't you believe in your own strength? The assistants around me are not small characters. "

What about the most potential magazine office in the fashion circle?

Compared with Molly, he would rather go back and accompany Molly to see the beautiful scenery and be in a daze.

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