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   Chapter 99 Friendship Is More Important Than Love!

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When they arrived at the hospital, Shelly and Lucy were supported into the ward at the same time.

Shelly simply bandaged the wound, Lucy sprained her ankle and needed to stay at home for three months.

When she left the hospital, Lucy insisted on taking Shelly home.

A smug smile appeared on Shelly's face. Everything was going as she planned.

In the afternoon, Molly received a call from Fiona, asking her to accompany her to the welfare house to adopt a baby girl.

Anyway, there was nothing important to do in the company. After greeting Walter, Molly went to the gate of the welfare house to gather with Fiona.

This time, Fiona's mother-in-law and Jonny came with her.

"Hello, auntie."

Although she knew that Fiona's mother-in-law was somewhat vicious, Molly still greeted her politely as she was Fiona's mother-in-law.

Because Molly was born in a noble family, Fiona's mother-in-law immediately came over and held her hand excitedly. "Oh, it's Molly. I haven't seen you for a long time. If you have time in the future, you can often visit us at home. Thanks to you, Jonny could get a good position in the company. "

The reason why she was so kind to Molly was that Molly had given Jonny a good job.

Molly smiled awkwardly and nodded politely, "Okay, I'll go there when I have time."

Soon, the staff of the welfare house received them.

Fiona's mother in law and Jonny were talking, and Molly immediately pulled Fiona to a corner.

"What happened? Your mother-in-law didn't object? And I'm here to adopt a child with you? I thought she would make the most trouble. "

Not everyone could accept the fact that she selflessly devoted her whole life to raising other people's children.

Let alone a selfish person like Fiona's mother in law.

Fiona couldn't help snickering, "you don't know my mother-in-law yet! My mother-in-law is such a feudal woman that she is more motivated than me because she was told that I could have a child mys

but she couldn't help but shed two lines of tears. She was happy and excited.

She was so excited that she spoke incoherently that her hands kept shaking.

"Molly, look at her. Her body is so soft. She is lying in my arms and smiling at me. It's true. The baby is mine."

The moment she held the baby, Fiona felt that it was her baby.

Molly could understand that feeling. She put her arm around Fiona's shoulder and encouraged her, "this is your baby, of course it is your baby! You will be a good mother and bring up the child in good health."

Molly's words seemed to have magic, and Fiona believed it.

Yes, she would be a good mother, and the baby would grow up healthily, happily.

Fiona's mother-in-law couldn't understand why Molly and Fiona were so excited.

She just adopted a child, not her own child. Why did she cry and laugh?

If it weren't for the baby's cute and smart appearance and the news that she could get pregnant by adopting a child.

As a mother-in-law, she would never let Fiona take her child home.

She couldn't bear to see this scene. She couldn't help but sneer in a low voice, "she is really good at making trouble, crying and laughing. Why doesn't she care so much about her belly? After all, she is other people's children, so long as she is not hungry or cold."

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