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   Chapter 98 Please Don't Do That

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The mysterious man didn't expect that. He just wanted to frighten Lucy.

The mysterious man didn't expect that Shelly would rush up directly.

It was too expensive.

The mysterious man didn't want to take any responsibility. He didn't even get out of the car to check on the wounds of Shelly and Lucy. He pushed the car backward and turned around to leave the welfare house.

Shelly felt sore all over her body, but fortunately, she was only slightly hurt, and only a little skin was scratched on her arm.

Lucy was protected by Shelly. Although she fell to the ground, she just sprained her ankle.

Shelly sighed in her heart. They were so lucky that nothing serious had happened.

Lucy managed to stand straight. Seeing the blood all over Shelly's clothes, she screamed, "oh my God, are you okay, my child? Why are your clothes stained with blood? "

There would be blood stains on her arms and clothes.

Shelly felt lucky that she didn't hesitate and rushed over.

Now it seemed that the decision at that time was the wisest.

Shelly shook her head with a smile and asked with concern about Lucy's injury.

"Auntie, are you okay? Why is the driver gone? "

Pretending to be anxious, Shelly searched four times, but there was no trace of the minibus. Of course she knew that the private detective had escaped.

But it was a good thing for her.

Lucy also cursed hatefully, "How immoral he is! He run away directly after hitting someone. He didn't even get out of the car to see how we were injured. At least he should send us to the hospital."

"Auntie, calm down. How about I go to the hospital with you?" Shelly comforted Lucy.

Lucy was very grateful. When the minibus drove to her just now, the child risked her life to protect her.

Now, there were not many good women like her.

Not to mention protecting the front, now many old people fell down without anyone supporting them.

Although Walter's mother was only more than 50 years ol

have to find an opportunity to talk to my son and ask him to make your debut immediately. You must be famous. "

Lucy and Shelly finally met each other. Lucy liked her very much. It was a way to repay her kindness. Naturally, she needed to find her son to promote her as soon as possible.

However, Shelly knew clearly that she couldn't let Walter know that she had private contact with his mother.

If Walter knew this, would he trust her?

So Shelly lowered her head modestly and said, "Auntie, please don't do that. I want to get what I deserve with my own strength and ability. I don't want to be called a backdoor. Besides, Mr. Walter is always reliable. There must be a reason for him not to let me make a debut now. Moreover, we had to follow Mr. Walter's personal arrangements for the company's affairs. I don't want you and your son to quarrel because of me. "

Shelly's words made the Lucy even more moved.

Look at this girl and her daughter-in-law.

Molly was not bad. Molly was born in a rich family and had a good education.

Molly was indeed filial, but...

Molly was not as sweet as this child. Now Molly just wanted to go to work. She was addicted to being a vice president.

But what the girl said was reasonable. The company's affairs should naturally follow the idea of Walter.

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