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   Chapter 93 Fresh and Stunning

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Molly was not worried about that.

The relationship between the two had been very harmonious recently. Since Walter gave her absolute respect, he wouldn't be jealous or angry for it.

"He has really changed a lot recently. In fact, after this marriage crisis, we two have grown up. Although they didn't expose each other, I know that he is silently changing himself because of guilt, and I am also changing myself. "

Molly didn't mean to change the appearance of Shelly, but after this crisis, it would indeed help them repair their relationship.

But Molly didn't know how long Walter would hold on.

She read a sentence on a book a few days ago. It was like the food had a shelf life, and love also had a deadline.

Molly just didn't know how long Walter would hold a marriage for love.

Maybe she should add some chemicals in it.

After driving for a while, the car stopped in front of an office building in the downtown area.

After getting off the car, Molly looked up at the whole building, which was very famous in the city. The original housing price had been raised to sky high.

Being able to open her own studio here, she had to admit that Greyson was richer than she had imagined.

After parking the car, Greyson led the way in front of her. The two of them got on the elevator and went straight to the 48 floor.

When the elevator went up, Molly felt a little uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the elevator door finally opened.

Holding Molly's arm, Greyson walked out of the elevator. The moment she stepped out, Molly's vision broadened.

She didn't expect that the whole 48 floor building was bought by Greyson. After getting through, he personally designed the decoration.

The studio was decorated in a simple black, white and gray color, matched with wooden furniture, and decorated with black Loft metal members and all kinds of high saturation colors, making the whole studio full of vitality and spiritual energy.

Molly strolled around alone. Her favorite part was the terrace. Greyson planted a lot of flowers and plants here, matched with all kinds of strange carpets. The

were chosen by Greyson personally for Molly.

He liked to see her wear some bright clothes, and her whole body was also beautiful in the color.

"But you wore it last time."

A few days ago, when they ran into each other in the restaurant, Greyson was amazed by Molly's pink skirt.

Interestingly, she didn't like pink and red, which were too ostentatious, but she was surprisingly well suited to them.

Molly shook her head helplessly, "I bought it to match the clothes of Amy. It's our parent-child clothes."

Molly didn't want to wear it, so Greyson had to persuade her in a soft and hard way, "try it on. I'll take a group of photos and you can see how they look."

At the suggestion of Greyson several times, Molly had to change into the pink coat in the fitting room.

When she walked out, Greyson couldn't help but whistle.

She was so beautiful, just like a princess from fairy tales.

As Greyson expected, the elegant and sweet ice pink color was very suitable for her, bringing a trace of fresh and refined beauty.

The delicate embellishment of lace added to her elegance and nobility.

The bright and fresh color matched with the gentle and elegant printing, making her look more spiritual.

At this time, the sun was setting, shining brightly on Molly.

She gently rotated her body, with a dazzling smile at the corners of her mouth. It was as bright as the summer flowers.

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