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   Chapter 91 I Have Time Tonight

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In the afternoon, Molly came to Walter's office to look for him.

In fact, she had heard some rumors about Shelly kicking out of the company, but she wouldn't easily believe those so-called news before Walter admitted it in person.

"Honey, mom called me just now. She said that she hadn't seen Amy for a long time, so she would go to the kindergarten to pick her up this afternoon. Amy will stay at mom's place tonight."

The relationship between Lucy and Molly was obviously tenser than before, but for the sake of the children, and Molly and Walter had been reconciled.

Therefore, Molly didn't want to make things difficult for her mother-in-law. Now that she wanted to see Amy, she could let Amy live there for one or two days.

Walter asked Molly to sit down on his office chair, while he stood behind Molly and gently pinched her shoulders on both sides.

"I happened to meet the bosses of several entertainment companies tonight to discuss something. We can't go to the kindergarten to pick up Amy. Can you go home by yourself tonight?"

Although Walter wanted to send Molly back, it took too much time.

He also wanted to take Molly to the hotel, but Molly didn't like this kind of occasion.

So he couldn't stay with Molly tonight.

Molly twitched her mouth and asked deliberately, "Why do you invite the bosses of those entertainment companies?"

Walter smiled helplessly and pinched Molly's face, "you know the answer. Haven't you heard the rumors in the company?"

Molly smiled and stared at the family photo on Walter's desk.

She smiled so sweetly with Amy.

Molly naturally picked up the cup on the table, took a sip and then had a taste of it.

She frowned and said, "honey, the coffee is so bitter."

Walter grabbed the cup from her hand and put it on the table. Then he corrected her seriously, "pregnant women can't drink coffee."

Molly blinked her eyes and nodded innocently, "yes, pregnant women can't drink coffee. I didn't drink it. I just took a sip."

Although she said so, Molly still felt a little sad.

She couldn't hide

hley, who was following behind Greyson, knew that it was not that easy to say.

It seemed that they met by chance, but Greyson had nothing to do and ran to this floor.

In order to meet Molly by chance.

Ashley couldn't understand. There were so many good women in the world. She didn't deny that Molly was very charming.

She was noble and beautiful, but the women Greyson had met before were also excellent.

He has also been romantically linked with international actresses.

Was Molly better than those women?

Thinking of Walter's absence tonight, Molly suggested, "I'm free tonight. I'll go to your office to take photos after work."

After all, she had promised to be Greyson's model. Molly hoped that she could see the photos as soon as possible.

Ashley was about to cut in and remind Greyson that he had an important dinner tonight.

But before she could say anything, Greyson said, "Okay, I happen to have time. Wait for me in my office after work. "

Greyson was going to drive Molly to his studio.

Molly nodded. When the elevator arrived, Molly waved at him and entered it.

Seeing the elevator door close, Ashley couldn't help but question him, "Are you crazy? Do you have time to take photos of her tonight? Don't you remember who you have an appointment with tonight? "

How could he cancel the top photographers in China for the sake of Molly?

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